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As the writer of a site with “Thrifty” in its name I don’t usually find myself advocating for spending money on things that you can find for free elsewhere.  I was pretty skeptical when the Globe and Mail raised their pay wall and asked readers to pay $20 a month for full access.  My initial thought process was that Canada’s premier paper was signing its own death warrant when news was available all over the Net for no direct cost to the user.  It now appears however that this is the new model that many sites are going to as the National Post (the G&M’s only real competitor) has followed suit.

I Miss You Old Chums

The truth is I was missing being able to read the Globe’s extensive investing coverage.  With guys like Andrew Hallam (The Millionaire Teacher) and Rob Carrick – who has written several great Canadian personal finance books and is a superb columnist – writing for them, it’s a great source of information.

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I got tired of not being able to view certain articles and having to switch from my cell phone to the web browser, then trying to borrow my girlfriend’s phone, all to view a few more articles.  I decided that biting the bullet and paying a relatively small amount to stay informed was worth it (I’m not going to lie, receiving the sweet deal I’m about to extend to all of you certainly didn’t hurt).

If you weren’t already aware, The Globe has been around for 167 years.  It is read weekly by over three million people and they have some of the best in-depth features that you’re going to find in Canadian media today.  You can certainly get news elsewhere, but the Globe’s website and reporting are top-notch.  Their investing and business sections alone are primary sources of information for me as an avid reader/writer of those areas (their sports coverage can sometimes be a little lacking, but hey, no one’s perfect right?).

Is It Worth It For You?

If you have been going back and forth about spending the money to leap over the pay wall we’re offering you a great deal to aid you in making that decision.  If you click over to the subscription page our promo code is built in and ready to save you some cash upfront.

Globe Unlimited allows you to check out the website from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.  There are customized dashboard tools available as well (although admittedly I don’t use this feature much) and The Globe also boasts that there are exclusive subscriber loyalty offers for shows and concerts in the B.C. and Ontario regions specifically.  If you find an author you hadn’t noticed before, or want to view any back articles, a Globe Unlimited membership allows you to access over 100 archived articles every month.

If you already receive the paper version of the Globe and Mail, then first of all thanks for keeping my dad in business (wood harvester, aka lumberjack) and secondly, you are eligible to become a Globe Unlimited member for free with a five- or six-day subscription, and for the discounted rate of $4.99 per month if you’re a weekender subscriber.

An Investment In My Brain

As I stated before, the investing-related articles are what was really the clincher for me in terms of making this a good investment (the strategy lab series alone might be worth it).  If you’re already a Globe Investor Gold subscriber you should be receiving the Globe Unlimited subscription for free as well.

If you don’t want all of the exclusive coverage that Globe Unlimited offers as an online resource, The Globe also offers a service called Globe2Go.  This is essentially a virtual copy of the day’s newspaper that is emailed to your inbox.  Personally I much prefer the Globe Unlimited platform, but that’s just me.

For those of you who wanted to try Globe2Go for 30 days we managed to get some free trials for our loyal readers. Sign up here and use the promo code: YOUNGANDTHRIFTY to get started today!

There will always be sources of news online that are free at the point of delivery, but I think the pay wall concept is going to become a reality though for news providers that wish to provide elite-level stories that require substantial resources to put together.  The other consideration I’ve made is that I’m just too lazy to try and jump from free resource to free resource instead of having it all compiled nicely for me on an easy-to-navigate site like The Globe offers.  Try Globe Unlimited for a pittance and see if it’s it worth it for you personally.

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Interesting read – seems we have some of the same thoughts on the G&M. I have been trying to ration my “10 free articles” on a few different computers, phones, etc… too.

Been thinking about getting a subscription – miss reading and participating in the comments

Thanks for sharing the promo code – will look into it