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want to save money on groceries but too lazy to spend time scouring through the weekly flyers?

A generalization of Generation Y (read: 20-somethings) is that we want things done fast, done now, right away, no time to wait….er…did I lose your attention already?

Generation Y are internet and techonology savvy (everyone at work is AMAZED at my typing speed. AMAZED. I honestly do not think I type that fast) so we don’t really have the time or energy to sit through flyers and circle what we want on sale. To find information that we need, we google. To spread information to friends, we facebook or twitter. So, to find the coupons and grocery store deals we need, what should we do?

I like to save money on groceries, and I like to use coupons (I’m not ashamed to use coupons, are you?) at the checkout.
There’s a Canadian website (based in Victoria, our good ol’ capital city of Beautiful British Columbia) called: Grocery Alerts Canada – Coupons and Deals that gives you the one-stop shop for flyers in Victoria, Vancouver, and the T-Dot (that’s Toronto, in Canadian-speak). It eliminates the need to scour the flyers for the grocery item that you need- or don’t need, and it has posts on hot coupons (I’m printing out that 75 cent coupon for Olympic Yogurt- that stuff is pricey, but delicious!) and deals. You can even subscribe to deals in your area and get it emailed to you, handy for you to print out.

Do you cut or print out coupons to save money?
(every little bit counts right?)

I used to be so ashamed when I was shopping with my mom at the grocery store and she whipped out her coupons. I’m not sure why I was (must’ve been my teenage angst)- maybe it’s true what they say that you turn into your parents when you get older….

Another great site is called Great Canadian Rebates. They have the same thing as grocery alerts, but they also have deals on pretty much anything you can find!


Article comments


There’s no reason to be ashamed for using coupons. Just don’t waste your energy on negative feelings and think about all the fun things you can do with the money you just saved! More and more people discover the joys of frugal living thanks to sites like this one. Thumbs up!

young says:

@Norah- Thanks for the validation and the thumbs up! =)

I am with you. Coupons is where it is at to save a little extra money.

When I was younger I was the same way (being embarrassed shopping with my mom).

It is amazing how quickly information is sent in our generation compared to a previous generation (sending via Canada Post).

You have a great site!

young says:

Thanks! I like your site too, obviously!

Hmm maybe everyone was embarrassed using coupons when they were younger.

Yeah, it’s almost like information is spread faster than the speed of light! Remember how the “balloon boy” incident spread through twitter faster than the local media? Man, we live in fun times.