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Dual careers allows you to explore who you are, what makes you tick, and allows you to express yourself to your full capacity.

I love projects.

My life doesn’t really feel complete if I’m not working on a bazillion things at once or if I don’t have any goals set for the near and far future.  Some people are happy to just watch How I Met your Mother or The Big Bang Theory when they get home from work.  I’m not really like that.

In fact, I have a T.V. but it’s mainly for decoration.  I need to get a DVD player of sorts and get it hooked up to Netflix so I can start procrastinating from working on my bazillion to-do lists.

When I first started the blog Young and Thrifty I was working but not going to school.  It was a great creative outlet for me, writing and blogging.  It sucked up so much time but I was driven and excited about it.  I remember when I got my first comment I was so excited.

The Double Life of Dual Careerists…

Recently in a BC Business magazine, I read about the dual careerist Dr. Daniel Kalla who is an emergency physician by day (and night haha since he does night shifts) and a novelist by day (and maybe night?).  He wrote a popular book that sold over 200,000 copies and has been translated into 11 different languages called Pandemic.

The concept of enhancing a primary career with secondary career income enhances professional satisfaction.  Professional satisfaction is one of the main priorities today when it comes to finding fulfillment.  Dual careers allows you to explore who you are, what makes you tick, and allows you to express yourself to your full capacity.

And isn’t expressing yourself to your full capacity what life is about?

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Dual Career Wannabe?

Although it’s not necessarily a dual career, I felt that it was great because when I got tired of working at my full-time job and when I felt bogged down by it, I would turn to my writing and blogging.  It was almost like taking a vacation from your work.

Conversely, when I felt tired from blogging and writing, working at my regular job made it feel like I was taking a vacation from blogging and writing.

It really helped with career satisfaction.  I mean, where else can you get a creative outlet so easily?

In addition, what I personally really liked about it was that I got to work for an employer and at the same time, work for myself in my side hustle of building a blog business.  The ultimate in career satisfaction, if you ask me!  Security and tax deductions lol.  What more can you ask for?

Side Hustles that are Creative

Blogging isn’t the only creative side hustle out there.  There are many other side hustles that can help unleash your creative outlet, leaving you invigorated and refreshed for your regular full time job.

Photography– If you have a passion for photography, why not turn it into a little side business?  Especially since everyone is getting married (except me! haha).  Wedding photography is popular and an easy side hustle to have since most people have their weddings on the weekends.  Having a website hosting your work and portfolio is a great draw for new customers.

Web Design- When my blog needed a facelift, I turned to some great web designers for some help with the redesign.  If you have a talent and a gift of being able to design a website, there are many new bloggers are are vying to have a unique blog design that WordPress just can’t supply.

Social Media- This isn’t just for people who like using Twitter or Facebook.  There many stressed out blog owners who need people to help comment on others’ blogs in order to create and develop their social presence.

Freelance Writer– Some people are so good at this that they can turn it into their primary career!  Freelance writing allows you to have the creative outlet without the stressors of owning and managing a blog.

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Dog Walker- Alright this one isn’t creative so much (though designing business cards might bring out the creativity), but it sure is fun!  People love dog walkers and need dog walkers.  What is better than going out for a walk, enjoying the sunshine, and hanging out with a few lovely pooches who are also excited to enjoy the sunshine?

Readers, are you a side hustler, baby?

Article comments


Young, just like you I am always looking to diversify my income streams – I have a full time job, a part time job, dividend income and now a website to boot. The more income streams the better I say, just like an investment portfolio you need to diversify. Now if only I could write a bestseller or get a song on the radio….

Thanks for the article,

fiscally fit says:

I think that a “side hustle” is almost required nowadays. This is even more accurate if you are like me and enjoy the mantra “why spend less when I can simply just make more”. Within reason obviously haha

Mat says:

WOW, seems like the timing couldn’t be any better…

I’m going to take this blog as a sign – I’m making the big jump to going back to University in the Engineering program (3 more years), at the age of 23 years old, I’m excited to go back to school, especially after 2 years of living the “work life”. Not only am I excited to pursue an Engineering degree, but to also learn and try new things. I really plan on learning more about my finances and investing, my goal is to be a savvy market investor by the time I am out of university, (hopefully without any debt) with a healthy and well diversified portfolio.

During my 3 years of College I had a part-time job, and I recently got the call to get back on the same boat. I will by no means become a millionaire with this gig, however it does pay for some of my expenses such as gas, cell phone bill…etc. The problem is the one of TIME, being a full-time student and juggling a part-time job is never an easy task. This got me thinking, and researching, and researching and googling and researching some more…there has to be a better way of making money during my years of study. My entrepreneurial spirit has definitely been kicking in lately, and this is exactly what I’m looking for, a ‘Side Hustle’. Since I will most likely spend long hours on my computer, I’ve been thinking something along the lines of ecommerce. I’m thinking of building and hosting a website and either joining a drop shipping program, on-line store or maybe even start a little clothing company since I have an artistic background and a proven brand.

Not only would a side hustle make me a little extra money, but like you said in your blog, it would “enhance my professional satisfaction”.

Would you have any advice on some of my ideas, and/or any other recommendations?
Also, do you have any comments on a drop shipping or other affiliate programs?

Thanks a bunch!,

Young says:

@Mat- Those sound like great ideas! But I don’t know much about drop shipping though unfortunately. Sounds like you have a vision and really, that is what matters!

Bob says:

I would argue that wedding photography is anything but easy. This is one of the biggest day of people’s lives. You have 1 chance to get the important shots.

FI Pilgrim says:

I have plans to have some side hustling going on in a couple of years, but I don’t think I have the capacity to keep dual careers going for long. I’d want my current “side” hustle idea to become my main job pretty quickly. But I agree that I’d be MUCH more productive if I were pushing myself to succeed in multiple arenas!