I know that some people hate when I write about personal stuff on this blog and others like it because it’s a little bit of voyeurism into other people’s lives (which you have to admit, is interesting for many).  For those who are new to reading Y&T.ca, I’ve been through a lot through the past 6 years of writing on this blog.

Life threw me a curveball and the relationship I was in for over 7 years turned into a thing of the past, I turned 30 and shared the lessons I learned through the 30 years of living (and am now turning 32 this year), I went through a period of rampage dating and dated someone who was in debt.  I learned after over 6 months of being in a relationship and trying to change him that debt was a deal breaker for me.

Finally, I had enough of the confusion and sought to figure out who and what I was actually looking for in a future partner.  I think I might have found him!  I figured out that for me, it works best when I have someone very similar to me.

Here are a few reasons why I love my boyfriend:

  • We have similar values

He is a hard worker, doesn’t make excuses, and gets the job done.  He also wants to retire early and doesn’t live an excessive lifestyle.  He started working when it was legal for him to start working (unlike a lot of people these days who don’t have a job until they finish university).  He drives a 10+ year old car.  We both live in tiny one bedroom apartments (his a little bigger than mine, but I have the larger patio haha) because we don’t need much more than that at the present time.  We both work in the same industry but our passion is personal finance.

  • He loves Warren Buffett too

Why I Love my BoyfriendI remember asking him if he could pick person who he wanted to have dinner with, he said Warren Buffett.  I heart Warren Buffett too.  We were planning to go to the Royal Jubilee Annual General Meeting this year in Omaha but aim to go next year instead.

  • He knows how to read annual reports and analyzes his own stocks

He even helped me figure out how to input the correct percentages in my Dividend Income spreadsheet.  When he analyzes his stocks I find it a turn on haha.  I also find it fantastic that he’s not very reactive or emotional when it comes to investing.  When Canadian Oil Sands tanked, he didn’t panic and instead bought more.  When my preferred shares tanked, he calmed me down (I wasn’t super anxious about it but did worry about it a bit).

  • He is a gentleman and not chauvinistic

He carries heavy things for me and treats his mom well by spending time with her.  At the same time, he is not chauvinistic and that appeals to the feminist side of me.  Even though he makes more than I do, I don’t think he would care if I made more than him.

  • He is debt averse

My boyfriend is debt averse (yes, even “good debt” like debt for investing and mortgage debt) and it helped give me a different perspective about ‘good debt’.  Although I don’t completely agree and am more comfortable with some mortgage debt, we both agree debt is not good for things like cars, or other material goods that are depreciating assets.  It was talking to him about my mortgage that inspired me to pay my mortgage down more aggressively.

  • Very cliche, but he makes me a better person

In addition to paying my mortgage down more aggressively, I would say that he is more frugal than me.  His guerilla type frugality is inspiring and has inspired me to try and save more money and be more conscious about my spending.  He also encourages that I spend time with my family.

  • We are on the same page

I think we are on the same page about many things in life including family, children, money, health and wellness, etc.  We both enjoy the simple things in life, like going for walks, spending time with loved ones, reading, exercising, and traveling.

Yup.  He’s great!

My apologies, readers for being so mushy!  Will write about Tax Free Savings Accounts as well, I promise!