So Wind Mobile opened it’s doors in Calgary and Toronto already for a few weeks now (as of December 16, 2009).  They’re partnering up with Research in Motion (the Canadian golden child and makers of Blackberries) to offer heavily discounted Blackberries.

The Big Three (Telus, Rogers, and Bell) don’t seem too scared yet because Wind Mobile still needs to build their towers and expand their coverage network.  What does that mean?

It means that right now if you call from Calgary to Vancouver, you either wouldn’t be able to, or you would get a roaming signal/ roaming fees (25 cents a minute… ouch!).  Basically if you’re with Wind, you’re limited to calling people in Toronto or Calgary.

Edit: Jan. 18, 2010:  Angry Chinese Driver who has written the motherload-of-all-comments-ever and has firsthand experience with Wind Mobile (he’s been following them from Day One and he’s a happy customer) asked me to edit the above statement to: you can call anyone in Canada (and the US, unlimited with a $10 add-on) as long as you’re calling FROM Toronto or Calgary, though with coverage expansion you will eventually be able to do it FROM Vancouver, Ottawa, Halifax, etc… Same goes for data.

Check out Wind Mobile’s voice plans here

Check out Wind Mobile’s add-ons here (data, voicemail, long distance etc.)

Hmm… since i just LOOOVE Pros and Cons lists, I’ll make one of Wind Mobile:


  • You can buy the cellphones/ smart phones at cost which means….
  • You’re not locked into a ball and chain two or three year contract
  • You can have unlimited data for $35 a month
  • Wind Mobile won’t charge you system access fees
  • They won’t charge you for the emergency 911 fee, or any incoming text or long distance calls
  • The first month is free!
  • Caller ID is included in their plans
  • They have an unlimited voicemail (unlimited voicemail??) for extra $5 a month
  • They have an unlimited data plan for $35
  • 50 outgoing texts are included every month (but…50 is a bit chintzy, no?)


  • You’re buying cellphones/ smart phones at cost ($500 for a phone??)
  • Right now, coverage is only limited to Toronto and Calgary
  • They only have like.. 4 phones for sale right now (Blackberry Bold 9700, HTC Maple, Samsung Gravity 2, and the Huawei U7519) but I guess you could use your own unlocked phone
  • The company is growing so fast that there are is not enough employees to keep up with troubleshooting, marketing, sales etc.
  • Apparantly there are lots of dropped calls (doesn’t surprise me since they don’t have that many towers)
  • If you call away from your “HOME” area, you’re charged big time (25 cents per minute!)

I think we can just wait and see.  My recommendation?  Let this company sort out its growing pains, and see in a few months time.  I would not recommend jumping ship just yet (at least before you speak to your “BIG THREE” customer service reps!)

I was THISCLOSE to renewing my contract for another three years with Telus to get the iPhone (I was almost going to succumb to paying $399 for it if I didn’t have to be locked down for another three years).  When the CSR told me that I would be tied down for another three years, I just decided I would wait another five months to get the promotional pricing and see what my options are then.  The Telus CSR I talked to didn’t seem too bothered.  The “Big Three” seems to be unfazed.  I guess Wind Mobile will really have to revolutionize the market, instead of focusing on marketing.

Who knows, maybe Wind Mobile will “flow with the wind” and land here in Vancouver to further drive the price of data and minutes down…. hopefully Wind Mobile won’t be a sinking ship and be “gone with the wind”…get it?

Sorry, had to throw that in there.

For those of you in Calgary and Toronto, have you been switching over to Wind Mobile?

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