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o Wind Mobile opened it's doors in Calgary and Toronto already for a few weeks now. They're partnering up with Research in Motion to gain...

So Wind Mobile opened it’s doors in Calgary and Toronto already for a few weeks now (as of December 16, 2009).  They’re partnering up with Research in Motion (the Canadian golden child and makers of Blackberries) to offer heavily discounted Blackberries.

The Big Three (Telus, Rogers, and Bell) don’t seem too scared yet because Wind Mobile still needs to build their towers and expand their coverage network.  What does that mean?

It means that right now if you call from Calgary to Vancouver, you either wouldn’t be able to, or you would get a roaming signal/ roaming fees (25 cents a minute… ouch!).  Basically if you’re with Wind, you’re limited to calling people in Toronto or Calgary.

Edit: Jan. 18, 2010:  Angry Chinese Driver who has written the motherload-of-all-comments-ever and has firsthand experience with Wind Mobile (he’s been following them from Day One and he’s a happy customer) asked me to edit the above statement to: you can call anyone in Canada (and the US, unlimited with a $10 add-on) as long as you’re calling FROM Toronto or Calgary, though with coverage expansion you will eventually be able to do it FROM Vancouver, Ottawa, Halifax, etc… Same goes for data.

Check out Wind Mobile’s voice plans here

Check out Wind Mobile’s add-ons here (data, voicemail, long distance etc.)

Hmm… since i just LOOOVE Pros and Cons lists, I’ll make one of Wind Mobile:


  • You can buy the cellphones/ smart phones at cost which means….
  • You’re not locked into a ball and chain two or three year contract
  • You can have unlimited data for $35 a month
  • Wind Mobile won’t charge you system access fees
  • They won’t charge you for the emergency 911 fee, or any incoming text or long distance calls
  • The first month is free!
  • Caller ID is included in their plans
  • They have an unlimited voicemail (unlimited voicemail??) for extra $5 a month
  • They have an unlimited data plan for $35
  • 50 outgoing texts are included every month (but…50 is a bit chintzy, no?)


  • You’re buying cellphones/ smart phones at cost ($500 for a phone??)
  • Right now, coverage is only limited to Toronto and Calgary
  • They only have like.. 4 phones for sale right now (Blackberry Bold 9700, HTC Maple, Samsung Gravity 2, and the Huawei U7519) but I guess you could use your own unlocked phone
  • The company is growing so fast that there are is not enough employees to keep up with troubleshooting, marketing, sales etc.
  • Apparantly there are lots of dropped calls (doesn’t surprise me since they don’t have that many towers)
  • If you call away from your “HOME” area, you’re charged big time (25 cents per minute!)

I think we can just wait and see.  My recommendation?  Let this company sort out its growing pains, and see in a few months time.  I would not recommend jumping ship just yet (at least before you speak to your “BIG THREE” customer service reps!)

I was THISCLOSE to renewing my contract for another three years with Telus to get the iPhone (I was almost going to succumb to paying $399 for it if I didn’t have to be locked down for another three years).  When the CSR told me that I would be tied down for another three years, I just decided I would wait another five months to get the promotional pricing and see what my options are then.  The Telus CSR I talked to didn’t seem too bothered.  The “Big Three” seems to be unfazed.  I guess Wind Mobile will really have to revolutionize the market, instead of focusing on marketing.

Who knows, maybe Wind Mobile will “flow with the wind” and land here in Vancouver to further drive the price of data and minutes down…. hopefully Wind Mobile won’t be a sinking ship and be “gone with the wind”…get it?

Sorry, had to throw that in there.

For those of you in Calgary and Toronto, have you been switching over to Wind Mobile?

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Article comments

david says:

do not sign with freedom. i first signed when they were called wind for their unlimited data, then they said it was limited to 10 gigs then they throttled down data speed after a few gigs used. the rates went up and i cancelled . i received the last statement and paid in full.

i do not hear from them for 6 months then a credit collector contacts me out of the blue saying i owe more money, 200.00 dollars which i know i do not and have proof of payment and their last invoice .

ther company is a sham their coverage sucks . expect a surprise bogus bill months after you cancel

trevor says:

I have been on wind since dec 2010 i have payed $40 a month to keep my service running that includes unlimited everything!

I have saved money on this plan over all the other phone companies i have been with! wind is Great i only hope rogers telus and bell all go under that would be great and best for everyone!

Radek Wojcik says:

Lets take these fraudsters down.. They convince people to switch over with their false advertising. Write a complaint: https://www.ccts-cprst.ca/complaints/complaint-form

Amy says:

I’ve been with WIND for 2 years after a string of billing mishaps that ended in my fiery divorce from FIDO. While I do admit that WIND coverage is not always perfect, between their low monthly rates and low roaming rates, my bills are always astonishingly low even if I have to use roaming when I’m too far out from the coverage areas (and I admit, I’m pretty trigger happy to switch to a WIND away network when my WIND signal gets too low for my liking). I have the special $39/month US coverage plan which seems to be on at least several times a year. It includes unlimited Ontario talk, nation-wide text and data as long as you’re within a WIND zone, PLUS I get UNLIMITED ROAMING talk, text and data in the USA. I travel state-side several times a year and even my American friends are jealous of my phone plan since WIND’s American partners are AT&T and T-Mobile. Friends on the big 3 who travel like I do usually have to suck up roaming fees that cost as much as my entire monthly bills cost. WIND isn’t perfect, but they’re growing steadily and I simply can’t complain about the crazy good value that my plan provides.

Peter says:

Wind is so much better with unlimited usage for example my friend with rogers was paying over 200 $ for internet usage …. cuz he was watching etc so did i at the same time n he paid over 200$ when i pay 40$ every month same thing. When it comes to coverage well in GTA area for example if u live here there is no problem n if u need to go up north to rest in quiet wind doesnt work so yeah no one bothers me thats what it is all about 🙂

James Macdonald says:

Must agree that Wind does not live up to it’s coverage . Have been using for 3 yrs. and now dropping connections repeatedly since December ; was told my phone was old ; buying a new one did not help and forget about tech support .

bebez says:

Rogers hit me with a 3000 dollar bill for no reason every month gets higher and higher.screw rogers,I’m going to wind they seem reasonable.I don’t need tie downs.I just need simple plan.let’s see if wind got it.

Michael B. says:

4 Years Later… I saved $3,456 with WIND Mobile. That is enough money to buy 4 brand new iPhone 6’s (or a new one every year). How’s that to counter Roger’s “upgrade path”?

My WIND Mobile bill after 4 years: $1,920
My Rogers Wireless bill in 4 years: $5,376
Savings: $3,456

As far as the service goes, it remained the same for me as discussed above and I am still satisfied. I don’t have to worry about long distance charges (free North American calls), or data overages (it’s happened once when I went over 5 GB and my connection speed just slowed down… I did not get charged). I was so happy that I put my family in a group plan 3 years ago and get $5/month discount per line. I always get a chuckle when I tell a spam caller that I currently get Unlimited Talk, Text and Data for 5 lines and only pay $160/month taxes in. 🙂

Kyle says:

Thanks for the update Mike. Certainly seems like simple math to me…

Badbowtie67 says:

there is nothing good in the Big 3 . I was with Rogers for years (18) when I got my new Iphone 3Gs I was locked into a 3yr plan at 40 per month add 35 for the 1 g data plan and I got 125 text messages and answer service. at the time I was used to getting 48 dollar bills that suddenly jumped to 98 per month. after a couple months the bill began to climb from 98 to 105 to 115 to 140 to 160 . I complained that this was an unreal amount to pay and was informed I was going over my text messages … I checked my phone and ok I went over by 5 text messages the cost to me was an additional 45 a month for going over the limit. the only way to reduce this was to get a different plan which was 100 per month plus 45 for data etc . this put the bill with taxes closer to the 175 per month . these crooks were nailing me for going over by 5 text messages . I barley used the data plan so it wasn’t worth it to go for a bigger plan .my wife introduced me to Wind mobile. 40 dollars a month 5 g data unlimited text and talk any time unlimited long distance anywhere in the world I took the premium package of data for an extra 5 bucks a month so now I have 10 g data . my bill has never been higher then 56.00 per month . I use all 10 g of data and have never been billed for going a little over. when roaming outside my area I got billed 75 cents for a couple long calls I made OOOoOOo big deal and the bill was still under 58 for the month. I got a new Galixy S3 on the tab and the tab is paying for the phone as I pay my bill every month on time. I was being ROBBED by Rogers to the full extent. they are raping customers with all kinds of fees 911 system access call display bundle etc etc . what a rip off.my wife is also with wind same deal with a smaller data package and between both of our phones its still under 90 a month . I called rogers and said today is a great day … rogers said why is that ? I replied…. because I just removed your thieving company from my pay roll. and cancelled both plans (my contract was over so was my wifes) I have saved so much money switching to wind that we were able to go on a nice vacation after 1 year of saving the money that we were paying to robber rogers!!! NOW I must say Bell Canada is a rip off to . my neighbour just got a new S4 3 days ago thought he got a great plan. he doesn’t know much about cell plans and got a huge 50 mb that’s right 50 MB plan (upgraded for free from 25mb ) 50 text no long distance and 200 min of talk time (free after 8pm) he seen me today and was complaining that his first bill is 78 bucks because he apparently went over his big 50 mb data and they screwed him to the wall for it . all he did was look at a couple boston bruins pics and it thru him over his data. this is ridiculous any smart phone will use data quickly as it is always updating itself and sucks the wallet right out of your pocket. these big companies are raping people and its time people know how they are doing it . WIND mobile is the only company out there that is giving you great service and the best price and is not sticking it to you every month for the basic things that people use on a smart phone. I will never in my life go back to ROBBERS (ROGERS) OR USE BELL(RIP OFF ARTISTS) ever again . if wind is ever bought by either of these companies I will by a 2 way radio and stop using cell phones, to date I have saved well over 6000 dollars in charges that I would have had to pay to theses crooks instead I took my wife on a nice vacation . I hold up both middle fingers to Rogers and bell . they lost a lot of customers and I tell everyone I see with a cell phone to switch to wind and keep your money in your pocket like ING . stop paying theses crooks there are way better options out there. rogers screwed me for to long Never again!!!!! Oh and Mary…. Wind is always looking for good workers so when Rogers lays you off because they got to DOWN SIZE for lack of customers Im sure u could get a job with Wind .! =) WIND IS EVERYTHING IT PROMISED AND NOTHING LESS!

tim says:

I have been with WIND for about 2 years. They have great customer service however the service and the way they conduct business is poor. I live almost in toronto and the cover should be good. I have to dial my phone 2 to 5 times to make a phone call connect during peak calling times (eg. 4pm-5pm).

They bit you with your WIND tab if you try to downgrade your service, which seems unfair as the point of paying for phone service is to make telephone calls and I can`t without sometimes having to wait 30 minutes or more to try calling the same number again to get a call to connect. By the way, I was doing this outside so it`s not being blocked by structural interference.

bottom line: stay away from WIND. Unless you have your own unlocked device and you can get away after trying them for a month of two to see for yourself.

In one word: horrible.

chris says:

I have used wind for almost a year now. Until recently the service in Ottawa has been great for me. It worked in my basement everywhere but the bathroom, no big deal. Within the last couple of months the service is terrible. When i am in a spot were it previously worked and it now doesn’t, it a real piss off. Strangely, when the signal kicks back in,from a resting position, it can bee as high as 3/5 bars. I set my phone to only use wind and not wind away. This is to save money on roaming. I think the company is doing this on purpose so they can charge roaming and make a little extra cash. Maybe i’m paranoid. but the prices did go up around the same time. my unlimited local talk text for 20$ on prepay has been replaced with a cheapest of 25 dollars a month rate. I think it has better calling freedoms though.

Todd says:

**** Rogers and Bell both they charge you way too much for your phone and lock you into a yearly contract. You can’t upgrade when you want to. I have been with WIND for about two years now and yes they do have internet as well as cellphone with WINDTab plans that are low costing. Yes you can bundle and save the only thing that is annoying about them is that you don’t get coverage everywhere but they are still developing. With the WINDTab you get your next phone free and the remaining tabs get added to your new phone. I have three people on my plan and it range from 140-180 which is 40-60$ each which is 3 times less what I was paying through Bell. Btw here is a idea:

Bell. 2001 Samsung. $180/Just me. 5yr contract

WIND. 2012 Samsung $40-$60/Just me. WINDTab so you can switch phones

These phones were both new when I got them. Monthly payment plans for both.

ss says:

I’ve been with Wind for 3 years now. I left Fido, and never looked back. I never expected perfect service, but I received better service than I ever got with Fido. I’ve convinced a dozen friends and family to switch, and the rest who are shackled to the big three through contracts will be changing soon. If more people switched, then we would send a very strong message! Also, just want to say, I’ve had to call customer service, and they have been super nice and always helpful. I’ve had a very good experience with Wind.

Joan says:

It now 2013 Wind Mobile may have better coverage, mobiles to offer and plans but they have the worst ever customer service of any of the mobile companies in Canada. Even reporting them to the BBB didn’t help, got a ‘stupid’ reply…. 5 phone calls to customer service and 4 emails never corrected the problem I had with my voice mail access. 2 months later still cannot access it and refuse to call C/S ever again. 1/2 of C/S just say go to your nearest store, why, just go…. horrible!!!. Cheap plans are only good if you get help. I am going to switch soon after 2 years with them.

TJ says:

Wind Mobile has greatly improved its coverage and reception ince its launch. Its urrent 29/month unlimited local talk, data and text plan is a no brainer. The Big 3 has nothing close to this value. if you have Wind in your area and still go with the Big 3 then you deserve to get gouged by these Big 3 guys. I used to be Fido , a decent company until Robbers took over and it went downhill from there , so I switched to Wind Mobile , never been happier 🙂

Bernice says:

I do experience dropped calls on a few occasions with Wind whenever I talk for more than 60 minutes per call. Other than that, i have no complaints. I switched from Rogers to Wind and never looked back!

Teacher Man says:

Well, I guess I’m not the 60 min+ type Bernice, but that sounds like a pretty decent recommendation to me.

Michael B. says:

This is a follow-up to my post back in December as a feedback to those of you considering switching to WIND Mobile. I am 5 months into my plan and I am still satisfied. This company is not without faults.

The bad:

1. As stated by Andrewww above, I have pockets in my home where I get no signal at all: one corner of my basement, and in front of my driveway. I know it’s odd, but if I just move a foot in one direction, I get 3 to 4 bars.

2. If you have setup your phone to automatically connect to any available signal besides 3G, you will be charged an ‘Away’ or ‘Roaming’ charge. But this is more of a phone-related issue so i have setup my phone to only connect to 3G and Roaming is off.

3. If you do not have a data plan, they will leave that option available so that if you accidentally use up data, you will get charged. If you don’t care about data through their network, make sure you deactivate that feature by calling Wind and they will do it over the phone.

4. Of the 2 times that I have called WIND, I waited an average of 30 minutes.

The good:

1. Over the 5 months that I have been with WIND, I have saved a total of $500. I can do whatever I want what that cash (buy an iPad, replace my phone, save it, etc.).

2. The call drop rate is acceptable. I have dropped a total of 2 calls in the past 5 months. Considering that I have made/received 700 calls over that period, this is a call drop rate of only 0.2 per cent.

3. The ‘robotic voice syndrome’ rate is acceptable. I have experienced the ‘robotic voice syndrome’ 3 times over the same period which is a rate of 0.4 per cent.

4. Data over the mobile network has averaged between 0.45 and 0.90 Mbps. While this is not high speed, it is handy for casual Email, Calendar, and web browsing while i’m on the go and have no access to a hotspot. Low res YouTube videos will play. It has been very reliable when I need it, and I have access to unlimited data. I have not been charged extra for ‘overrage’ and I average around 300 MB per day.

5. I can leave Wind anytime and not have to pay for my tab (I don’t have one).

My advice:

In this age of high hardware turnover, accept that you should pay for your device in cash (I found mine off Kijiji). Not only is it good financial practice to save up for something rather than financing it or putting it on your credit card, it also saves you money in the long run. Once you have this mindset, you are no longer ‘tied’ to a provider because you can terminate your contract whenever you want (at least with Wind). If you don’t want your phone anymore, you can sell it on Kijiji… you own it.

Andrewww says:

i’ve had wind for the past 2 years now the experience has been good and bad. The problem with Wind is their indoor coverage is garbage!! at work i get no coverage at all but 5 mins down the road i get full bars!! also data speeds are nothing compared to the big 3 lol

also since wind uses the 1700 Mhz frequency it cant penetrate through concrete/ walls very well so unless they get the 700 Mhz we’ll just have to live with it

Alex says:

Slowly ditching the four Robbers services….nine months till Cell contract is done….looking at Wind since they added K-W.

Does anyone have info on service reception in K-W? Two different phones I had with Rogers didnt work in the building I work at. Anyone there with Telus or Bell gets great reception…no info on Wind. I’d like to go Wind but I may have to go Telus or Bell

ACG says:

Here’s my frustration at the worst of both worlds. I switched to Wind last May, overall fairly satisfied with them (expecting every provider to be less than perfect is a reasonable expectation). Unfortunately despite living next to the 401 in Pickering, the call connection is always dropping and people have a hard time hearing me (which could be the model Alcatel Tribe Android that I have). Keeps switching from 3G to H to out of area, while I remain in the same location. Also my Wind tab has only gone done about 30$ which makes it over four years to pay off $150 on the phone, hardly an inducement for purchasing thru Wind.
To top it off, I have unexplained data charges for my phone use (will call about that), which is odd since I don’t use it for data. Oh my, bad background data syncing was on!!!

Now as I post this using my Rogers Rocket Internet Modem, my Internet service keeps dropping. It has gotten worse, ironically over the same period as my cel service has gotten worse, leaving my to hypothesize that they are using the same cel towers and they are over capacity.

So I lose all around. Who would have thought that the service would deteriorate over the years, but it has for me. I’ve had a cel for 20 years and internet for 15 and used pretty much everyone but Telus, so I’ve seen a lot of good and bad service believe me!

And finally , yes this is the wrong thread to post this particular comment but here goes….NEVER NEVER NEVER ever get a Rogers Rocket Modem!!!!!!! The service is horrible, I’ve replaced it twice in just over a year. Got it as an inducement with a laptop, should have said no! Counting the days till that contract expires. Should be against the law to hold me hostage on a contract where the provider is not living up to the promises made at purchase, they should be paying me the $25 per month penalty….aghh!

Michael B. says:

I second that. I have a friend who lives near Whites/Kingston and I always get between 0 to 1 bar whenever I’m at his neighborhood. He experiences the same thing eventhough we are with different providers at 2 different frequencies.

DeeDee says:

My family and I were with Rogers for about 10 years and the older I got, the more I could see my father’s frustrations every single month when the bills arrived. This January was the last straw and he cancelled all our contracts after my phone bill came to $100-$50 extra that I did not use while roaming. I was ready to fight but he said he had had enough with them and so he cancelled them. We stupidly renewed our 3-year contract with them in 2009, we each chose new phones, and it turned out to be a horrible mistake which we ended up regretting for the next two years. When the bill arrived my dad went through it and found a whopping $250 EXTRA of hidden charges which did not belong there. After arguing with a Rogers CSR for a little over an hour they finally got rid of those charges. This is how disgusting Rogers is (I guess that is why their nickname is Robbers)!
We are all now with Wind Mobile and could not be happier! I am on the $40 Leap Plan which has unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as all the calling features such as caller id, etc. I commute for my house to my university and have not experienced any dropped calls, and the only loss of service I have is at my job (which is understandable due to the infrastructure of the building) and even there i get it 90% of the time. I was even able to get service at some areas which Rogers was not able to before, and while my friend (on Fido) experienced a lower call quality when her phone was in her lap, mine did no such thing.
Overall I am loving Wind and have no complaints. They still give you amazing offers that last for an entire year without any contract obligations! Rogers could not even come CLOSE to offering such great deals!
And regarding RogersMary’s comment about 95% of users not actually using that much data…is this information pulled out of Rogers’ ass (pardon my french) along with the internet bandwidth usage limitations. People should not have to check how much they’re using and then stop using the service for 2 full weeks just so they will not be charged ridiculous amounts of money!
I am honestly so disgusted with Rogers (hence this long rant) that I am ashamed I ever bothered to say “yeah but it has the best coverage” as I have clearly witnesses for myself that it does NOT.
I may be young but it does not take a genius to see that the Big Three need to be stopped!

dman says:

I am a rogers customer soon to leave.

Rogers will charge you $500.00 per phone to leave their network….this allows them to have crappy customer service, and disrespect for your personal info. Expect phone calls out of the blue for surveys, marketing and other 3rd party crap.

Nothing is for free. Remember that.

Buy an unlocked phone upfront and you now have a CHOICE to leave whenever you want instead of being raped for switching networks.

Goodbye rogers, i have been nickle and dimed for too long.

Shaelyn says:

I am thinking of leaving rogers and going with wind mobile since rogers like to lie to me when i call them and ask them why it keeps saying failed when i said a text to my family members and they say that they hit some button on my account when you ask them why there on your account when you never called them until now to find out whats going out and they wont tell you what they hit they say we can not tell you. But with wind i have heard from some people that there service isnt very good and people have been complaing about calls dropping and cant make calls im not sure if thats true or not or should i stay with rogers or go with wind. And another thing for the pay your way phones can you have more than one add-on on your phone or does wind not allow that. please help me

young says:

@Shaelyn- I think you should go to a Wind booth and talk to them about your concerns. When I wrote this post, they just started, and now they might have more coverage than they did (who knows). So it might be better than they were!

KDar says:

I have 13 months left on my telus contacts, and I was calculating what it would cost me to get out of my contract, or to see it through to the end.

At this rate, it would cost me about 1170 to see it through to Feb 2013
Or 260 to cancel it.

I’m tired of being surprised by my bill every month and trying to justify it “Okay, that makes sense, I did USE my phone that I’m already paying 70 dollars a month for. I shouldn’t be ACTUALLY making calls with it.”

Its ridiculous. Thank you everyone for all the information in this blog (especially Angry Chinese Driver!! I did read that essay of yours). I have now concluded that I am going to switch to Wind Mobile.

young says:

@KDar- have you tried calling Telus and negotiating? If you manage to negotiate a good contract, you won’t get so many surprises. I’m always paying $56 a month because I get unlimited texting, unlimted E&W at 6pm etc.

Michael B. says:

I am saving almost $1,000 a year by switching to WIND.

What can I say, I had been with Rogers since they used to be called “Cantel AT&T”. With Rogers, I used to pay $112/month. This included a maximum of 400 MB (not a typo) of Blackberry data, 150 anytime mins, “enhanced” voicemail, etc., unlimited long distance in North America. The reason why I needed the long distance plan was that I live in Oshawa and have a 416 number for my business. So any Toronto number I called was “long distance”. This took effect about 2 years ago after they re-established “local calling areas” and during the conversion, I was racking up between $30 – $50/month in long distance charges (nice one Rogers). The only feature that kept me sticking to my plan was the unlimited incoming call because they no longer offer that on any plan. No Rogers rep could offer me a cheaper plan and my bill just kept creeping. My largest bill was over $200 in 1 month.

So I took the risk and switched to WIND. For a penalty of 1 dropped call in 1.5 months, I now enjoy unlimited data, unlimited tethering, unlimited incoming, unlimited outgoing, unlimited long distance and all the phone features like voicemail, call waiting etc. For the next 12 months, I will only be paying $29. There are no other charges like the “system access fee” crap. As long as I am in the WIND zone (it’s been almost 2 months and I have only been outside of it once). Let’s do the math:

12 months with WIND: $348.00
12 months with Rogers: $1,344.00
Savings: $996.00

After a year, my monthly bill with go up to $45 a month but I would still be saving with WIND.

In other words, I get more for a lot less and best of all, there is no contract. With the savings, I can pay for my WIND phone twice over. I was so happy with the switch that I referred a friend and received a $30 credit on my first month. BTW, I still had 4 months left on my 3 year contract with Rogers. So as a parting gift from Rogers, they charged me the early cancelation fee (what a joke). It was still worth the switch. Thank you and good bye, Rogers.

young says:

@Michael B.- Sounds like its been a great experience! Thanks for sharing. I’m still stuck with Telus (2 more years) because I was a sucker for the iPhone 4. Way to “stick it to the man” Michael!

Jeff O. says:

I left Rogers for WIND a couple days ago after my 3 year contract ended, and am quite happy. They had a promo for an unlimited talk, text (domestic and international), and data plan for $29. Voicemail, call display, the whole nine yards is INCLUDED (no add on fees). Seemed like a no-brainer. (Full disclosure: Long Distance isn’t included).

I did give Rogers a call to see if they could match the plan, but they couldn’t really come close. Well, they came close until you started paying $8 for voicemail, $5 for a texting plan, etc., etc. After totalling everything up, I was offered a plan for twice the price with 100MB of data, and was assured that would be enough. This is my first smartphone (Google Nexus S for $80 through WIND), and interestingly enough, I blew through 100MB in 5 days. Would have been a lot less if I turned on WiFi, I guess. 🙂

WIND’s customer service isn’t as good as ACD desribes… I guess that’s what you get as you grow. I would call it “fair” at best. With that said, I’ve never had to wait to talk with someone… hit zero at the voice prompts, and you’re talking with a real person within seconds. My issues have always been solved with one call.

The summary, though, is that I think I made the right choice. I’d recommend WIND. In a perfect world, I could pull down data nationwide (like the Rogers rep claims above), but the truth is I don’t leave Vancouver very often. Turn off your data roaming, and you’ll be happily surprised to be paying exactly $29 each month. Plus tax.

With Rogers’ $17.50 plan (it was a great promotion!), I never once paid less than $40 a month.

Hope this helps anyone debating on making the switch.

geffen7 says:

Have a Wind phone & # – but because the jerk who sold me the phone didn’t know a dash from an underline my after service billing does not happen! So – not really needing a phone these days led me to cut the cord w/telus who billed me anyway after my BMO credit card company refused to cut off Virgins non-service & continued billing as well as Telus
& had to cancel out their card just to get respite – I really don’t know where to go to get a responsible cell – & by the way, just who the hell is WIND?? & is there any WAY to contact them?

young says:

@geffen7- ouch that sucks! Try using Twitter or contacting them online? I’m sure they must have a phone number. Or you could go back to their kiosk?

Julien says:

Win mobile is very good bell sucks and Rogers sucks and tellis is to expensive

Dr. RTFM says:

“… an established company that won

Rashida says:

WORST phone company ever, and worst customer service for a up and coming company trying to establish themselves. DO NOT GET SUCKERED IN!! They promise cheap rates but they have surprise zones that can leave you $193 phone bills and no one that can ‘do’ anything about them. And for the amount of dropped calls it’s NOT worth it. Go with an established company that won’t screw you, and if they some how do, will do what it takes to fix it.

young says:

@Rahida- Have you tried Mobilicity? My BF is interested in their student plan, but I’m worried they have the same spotty coverage/ zones.

Ohnoyoudidnt says:

Hi, Keith just wanted to point out that you write as beautifully as ACD.

Thanks for being that humain that human being

Ryan says:

This is over a year late for a reply but just wanted to make a comment about something RogersMary said.

RogersMary said: “Regarding unlimited data plans

Keith Marjadsingh says:

I just wanted to say you write very well.
You don’t see that very often. Are you really 20 years old? If so you have renewed my confidence in the youth of today.


Dr. RTFM says:

Dear Rogers, Bell, Telus,

You three don’t seem to understand: you have so pissed me off with your actions in areas like, oh I don’t know, UBB lies, System Access Fees lies, “We a big country so it costs a lot” lies, etc., that you would have to pay me to do business with you. You reek of sleaze and deception. I am just hanging on until Wind expands to my area and then I will be finally rid of the last of your three from my life forever!

Taimour Zaman says:

I have been looking for a site to express my various disappointmetns with Wind Mobile. The signal consistently drops calls. Hard for people to leave message and it has been nothing but an embarrassment.

ACG says:

Thanks, was planning on it but had to go to work, (have to pay the bill somehow:)
Lots to check out here, will look around and glean the info. Thanks for putting the time into this. I may not be young, but I do want to be thrifty!!

young says:

@ACG- I’m not so young anymore myself, ACG 😉 But I do want to be thrifty too! I’ll probably have to change the name of my blog sometime to “overthehill and thrifty” or something.

ACG says:

That was incredibly helpful, I am in the midst of once again deciding on my carrier and reluctant to once again give up my freedom earned after three years of Fido. I have for the most been happy, but that is due to a plan obtained years ago tied to a home phone (old ATT promotion). Anyway, thanks. Which I had this sort of info everytime I went celphone shopping.

young says:

@ACG- You should also check out my post on negotiating with the big three- have you tried that with Fido?

dieaa says:

Wind mobile service is very bad. They have a weak signal. They charge you rooming service inside their area of coverage.

Their billing system is very confusing. They charge you for two months, one month behind and one month in advance when the bill only indicated one month. You can’t argue with their customer service because they simply reply “sorry, we can’t change our system and you have to pay your bill regardless”.

Just because I have to wait for three month to get my cell phone unlocked, I had to pay that bill. Here is the surprise !!! their online payment service does not work. I tried and tried and tried for several days but their online service was down, then had to go personally to one of their shopping stands to pay the bill. Now more surprise, the bill I had to pay had an amount very different from the bill shown online.
My advice, Never think about using windmobile service. It is a bit cheaper than other companies but will give you real nightmares.

Aimee says:

you’ve convinced me.
you should be the spokesperson.

frankybaby says:

I’m signing up this weekend with wind. I’m spending 40 dollars a month with Rogers Pre-paid. Fido Service Sucked 10 years ago(didn’t work in my neighbourhood). Rogers dropped calls on me driving to montreal And I was paying $56 bucks a month? If the Wind Service really is that brutal I’ll guess I’ll just go back to the big three. I’ve spent more money in strip joints. So I’m not afraid of spending the money.Customer service has been great and they have explained that coverage isn’t all that great right now. 25 cents for roaming is cheaper then the 40 cents I’m paying for local calls With Rogers.

young says:

@frankybaby- Thanks for sharing. Let us know how it goes! Hopefully you don’t get any dropped calls.

Ray says:

Thanks for the info everyone, just adding my 2 cents. i am always on the lookout for a better deal with Wind or one of the new carriers but atm I have a koodo, cool phone, unlimited text/picture, call display, unlimited calls after 7pm&wknds and a unlimited my 5 list. All for $45 INCLUDING tax. Hey it works for me!

young says:

@Ray- Thanks for visiting and commenting! That sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Koodo has Telus coverage which is nice.

Fat Rabbit says:

Just throwing in my 2 cents with a brief summary:
-6 Years with Rogers: End result was they falsified charges, broke contract frequently and sued me for $6000 after I refused to pay them the false costs only (I paid them my plan cost but they felt they needed to ruin a 6 year relationship)

-Switched to Fido (independant of Rogers at the time): Oh what a beautiful company Fido once was, prices were fair, customer service could not be beat. Any insignificant detail could be called in and they would not hesitate to compensate you. Then Rogers came along and prices soared, took away all the good phones and installed the rudest, most useless customer service reps to ensure satisfaction. I’ve noticed if you ask Rogers/Fido CSR’s how they like their plans they’ll all tell you “oh i’m not with Rogers/Fido, I’m with —-“. This was a 4 year adventure that also ended in me breaking contract because I could not keep up financially with their extortion (padded bills, cost me $600 to break contract). Even after I got one rep to admit their billing was way off she chuckled and reminded me that only the most current 3 months are eligible for discussion & possible correction of error. Nice.

Needed a phone fast so I had fido phones laying around, got a Fido prepaid, figured there’s no way they can steal from me now. Between pre paid sim card, activation and a $20 air time card I left the store spending around 50 dollars. Tried to make a call and had insufficient funds ($balance of $0.25) Called 611 and she told me that automatically Fido takes $19 to keep a float in the system and that there was a $0.75 911 fee to be paid hence why I only had 25 cents. So effectively I paid them 50 dollars for a 25 cents. They managed to bone me on prepaid too lol. My left arm became numb…

Signed up with WIND yesterday and so far so good. I think I signed up at the right time, their coverage will expand to fit my needs 100% in 3 months or so and I have unlimited everything, it’s the shout always plan that costs $45 but because WIND is friendly and I’m a student again, they rushed at the opportunity to sell me the plan for $25/month and gave me a free samsung bluetooth headset to accompany my new samsung phone.

That’s just my first impression of WIND and my experiences with them are less than new but so far I’m impressed. See you in hell Rogers.

young says:

@Fat Rabbit- Yowza! I can’t believe they tried to sue you. What an ordeal. Please keep us updated on what you think of Wind, Fat Rabbit. Yeah, a lot of the customer service reps for Fido and Rogers seem really mean, but I guess its a hit and miss wherever you are right? (Same for Telus), but I’m sure without having to be on a contract, people are much nicer (e.g. Wind).

CanadaWirelessTerrible says:


— Regarding unlimited data plans

hodari says:

I am in Toronto. I did go down to wind and tried the sim – it is a no go. You need a hand set that supports dual band of 1700/2100. E72 supports 2100. So I had to yield and sign up with rogers.

Hodari says:

I have just returned back to Canada after an absence of 15 years. I have been in the gulf where there is virtualy no competition – telecommunication is not deregulated and is a monopoly.

No one ever heard of a cell plan except for iphone and BB.

I have my own NOKIA E72 and I do not see any reason why I should tie down myself to a 1/2 or 3 year contracts!. This is insanity.

I took a pay and as you go sim from Rogers and I was told I could not get a data plan which is something I would love to have simply to get my pushmail from NOKIA servers (FREE SERVICE).

I have looked at WIND concepts. They are on the right track. The monopoly of the three bigs needs to be cracked with an ever increasing competitive plans and excellent post sales support. They are on the right track it seems. Teething problems are always present in any new setup.

Today Rogers and Bell etc might turn a blind eye but sooner or later the tide will turn.

I have attemped to contact Rogers post sales support, they were supportive so I have not had any bad experience yet. I spoke to WIND as well cause they use CDMA to figure it out if my phone will work with their system. They were responsive but the information was not correct. It stated that the NOKIA does not support CDMA 1700 /2100 frequencies. The 21000 CMDA frequency is supported on NOKIA E72. However the guy did say – best to get into a store. They have trial SIMS and that is what I plan to do.

young says:

@Hodari Thanks for your comment. Where in Canada are you at? The Wind stores are only available in Ontario and Alberta so far, it seems. Yes, it’s interesting to see the differences in the wireless service in different countries. You’re right about the oligopoly here in Canada.

young says:

@Keith lol, 16 minutes per weekday to cover 14 hours. Way to break it down– that sounds like crap! Honestly, who really can wait until 9pm for unlimited calling? That IS inhumane! By the time you call anyone to REALLY talk, then they’re getting ready for bed or something.

Are you with Rogers right now, Keith? Because if you’ve been a subscriber for some amount of time, you can call and bitch about their service and they’ll try and give you something a bit better. Depending on what they offer, they might not make you “sign another contract”.

Being a new subscriber to any cell phone giant (with the exception of Wind, it seems) sucks balls because you don’t get the “loyalty department” working on your side.

AngryChineseDriver says:

And ain’t that the problem…you have to moan and bitch to get a decent plan. I was on RFD yesterday and some guy was selling a $22 Rogers plan with pretty much EVERYTHING on it that you could ever want. It was $22 because he had about seven different credits to bring the price way down.

Why doesn’t your company actually be competitive and offer that (maybe not $22, even $40 would be MORE than reasonable) to all customers, Mary?

WIND has no contracts. Therefore, it’s WIND who needs to fight tooth and nail for YOUR loyalty, not the other way around.

Sheesh. I am so glad I ditched Robbers.

Keith says:

Mary’s been left speechless apparently. After all, there’s only so much you can say to defend a company like Rogers.

Notice the strategy. Mary goes out to denigrate what Wind offers rather than talking about what Rogers offers. That’s why she does not talk about the peddling minutes buckets that Rogers offers but rushes out to suggest that most customers won’t use their unlimited minutes enough to make it worthwhile. Really?

Right now Rogers offers you 350 daytime minutes to get you from 7am to 9pm of each weekday under the $35 personal plan. That’s about 16 mins per weekday to cover 14 hours. Maybe Mary really has no need for human contact, but for the rest of us 16 mins per day for 14 hours is not sufficient. The overages add up quickly. Why bother with the hassle of looking at your watch or worrying about minutes when for the same price you can have unlimited voice. And Wind will toss in province-wide long distance, Caller ID, free incoming texts, 50 outgoing texts, and unlimited in-network calls (Wind-2-Wind). Try pricing all that out on Rogers and see what you get….and then Rogers still dings you with overages on top!

As for the price of the phone, everybody fixates on the $450 Bold. The lowest price of admission on the Wind ride is the price of the $130 Huawei. What you save on overages alone compared to Rogers will quickly pay off the price of that handset.

young says:

I was reading that you were the 2nd ever subscriber to Wind Mobile! That’s amazing- dedication no doubt.

Thanks for the info re: June launch in Vancouver. I’m excited because that’s exactly 2.5 years into my contract (ready to bargain for contract and/or get the hell out and hang with Wind Mobile). Hopefully by that time, they’ll get the iPhone on board. If so, I’m sold.

Hahah dang, Vancouver kicks Toronto’s ass for food. Vancouver’s pretty damn awesome for food and scenery. A lot of people drive fancy cars here too. I liked Toronto’s work ethic and skyscrapers, and that street you can cross on all four corners is pretty cool (is that Queen) AND you have muchmusic– we tried to have muchmusic here and it failed. Lol, not to add fuel to the fire, but did you here about the Coors Light ad campaign? It was pulled shortly after, not to worry.

AngryChineseDriver says:

Haha, just goes to show that Coors Light was spot on…we can’t even take a joke!!

I thought it was a funny ad, self-deprecatory humour is a sign of confidence. If we’re badass Toronto, WHO CARES what others think! 😉

P.S. The four-way crosswalks are at Yonge & Bloor, and Yonge & Dundas. They are sweet. 😀

AngryChineseDriver says:

Just trying to present a fair defence of WIND given that I’ve followed them from Day One, and signed up with them the second they officially launched! 🙂

Vancouver is slated to have a June launch, and I think they delayed because of many teething pains experienced in Toronto and Calgary (Toronto is near flawless now, but Calgary still has problems). And with a geography like BC, there are many more physical challenges (weather, altitudes, etc.) to towers and reception stability.

If you really want/need a new phone, you CAN sign a new contract then initiate a “transfer of responsibility” to someone else so that you can leave without incurring any ECFs (I wrote a guide on that, too, on my blog). Or if you don’t want the hassle, just hang in there for a little longer on month-to-month. Trust me, I feel freed from chains now that I’m with WIND and can do anything do my plan anytime I want!

P.S. I’m a born and bred Torontonian…and Vancouver kicks my city’s ass any day: scenery, shopping, cars, food, culture, people, standard of living, EVERYTHING. I love it, and it probably helps that I had one of the best times of my life in Van last year. 🙂

young says:

Hey ACD,

Thanks for your detailed analysis. I especially liked the comparison to:
“Complaining about the lack of coverage area while WIND is just starting out and Rogers/Bell/Telus have had a two-decade headstart is akin to 20-year-old me complaining that my baby cousin cannot write a lengthy dissertation about the merits Keynesian economics in a capitalist society, let alone form basic words

AngryChineseDriver says:

Since I basically wrote an essay above, I figured I’d turn it into a proper blog post: “In Defence of WIND: Every Rebuttal Ever”, which attempts to neutralize all criticisms of Canada’s newest and fourth national carrier.

BTW, young, I would like to suggest that you edit the sentence “Basically if you

Wind Mobile - Bad Choice says:

Thank you for giving both sides to the story. It’s just so hard to be on Wind’s side when they have treated me so poorly. I really wanted to believe in Wind, because I thought their model was revolutionary, but they tie you to them in other ways than a 3-year contract, which makes them almost the same thing, but with worse coverage. All I’m asking for is to not sound like a robot when I make calls from my new apartment (which I moved into 3 months after I got my Wind phone), but no luck – I sound like a robot, everyone I talk to sounds like a robot, and I keep dropping calls. Talking to my family back home is the only reason I got the phone in the first place – for the long distance – but I can’t talk to them if everybody sounds like robots. And no, it doesn’t make sense for me to stick my head out the window when I’m talking, like the Wind Mobile staff practically suggested to me.

AngryChineseDriver says:

While I appreciate the fact that Mary from Rogers takes the time to defend her company’s viability on various blogs (I only wished I had that level of customer service, or else I wouldn’t have left Rogers for WIND), she makes several misleading/misinfored statements (as do you, young! ;):


It is unfair to compare WIND’s no-contract price of the Bold to Rogers’ subsidized three-year contract price. Rogers = $599, WIND = $450. Sure, you may even get the Bold for free from Rogers, but you end up paying much more over the 24-36 months of its lifetime due to plan commitments, thus making a “big investment”. With WIND, you can upgrade/change your phone anytime without restrictions on price, unlike with Rogers. It is a well-known practise of the Big Three to artificially inflate the no-contract price in order to give you a “deal” on the contract price, or else WIND is offering their phones for less than cost.

As well, WIND is going to introduce a Koodo-like tab system so you don’t have to drop $450 all at once.

Furthermore, check out this report (http://www.gsmworld.com/newsroom/press-releases/2009/3448.htm), which predicts that over 177m AWS phones will be in use by 2013. Handsets are limited now, but the N900 (and potentially the Nexus One, as well as an AWS iPhone) is coming exclusively to WIND very, very soon. AWS is the future, which is why Rogers, Bell, and Telus all have their own 1700mHz frequencies ready to be deployed — when that happens, and it will, it’ll be possible to use a WIND phone on any network.


If you try to grasp the feedback surrounding WIND’s plans, you’ll notice that it’s overwhelmingly WIND vs. discount carriers such as Fido, instead of Rogers. WIND wins, simply put — they can best even the “cheapest” of carriers. Don’t forget that Rogers continues to charge an SAF under a misleading different name, and that all the voice add-ons can make a $25 plan turn into $60 a month (as mine did). With WIND, you pay $45 maximum for everything voice.

Mary may try to make the case that unlimited plans won’t be used by “95% of customers” (citation, please?), but there’s a reason why carriers in Europe, Asia, and even the US offer them. AT&T and Verizon are currently in a price war for the cheapest unlimited plans!

Data is a completely different story — WIND’s marketing strategy is aimed at high-end, data-heavy users, not the casual surfer. That said, they ARE planning to introduce a mid-level data plan.

One more thing: with WIND, you have absolute freedom to pair a handset with a phone; let’s see Rogers allow you to have a prepaid $15 voice plan and no data with the Bold 9700, or any smartphone.


Ah, yes, coverage. As a loyal WIND subscriber and fan, I will be the first to admit that WIND has experienced problems with coverage, and that their coverage areas are limited. However, it is completely unreasonable for Mary to exploit that as unyielding fact.

First of all, within the first two weeks, WIND coverage for me went from no signal half the time and 80% of calls dropped to 99% signal uptime and 3% of calls dropped — certainly comparable, if not better, than what I had with Rogers. Today, a month after launch, I get a random signal cut out maybe once a week, if even, and a dropped call when said signal cut out occurs. I bounce around the GTA from Mississauga to Downtown to Oshawa — pretty much the entire GTA coverage map.

As for the coverage area itself, what can one honestly expect for a brand-new company on a brand-new network? I am disappointed that Mary chose her words to imply that WIND’s unlimited data isn’t unlimited, when really it IS unlimited if you are within the coverage area, which is expanding as fast as possible. Edmonton and Ottawa will be included in “Home Zone” next month, and Vancouver a few months later, and coverage will be coast to coast (sans Quebec, where I hope they have a roaming agreement with Videotron) within a few years. It would be interesting to see what Mary admits about how long it took Rogers to achieve true coast to coast network coverage.

Complaining about the lack of coverage area while WIND is just starting out and Rogers/Bell/Telus have had a two-decade headstart is akin to 20-year-old me complaining that my baby cousin cannot write a lengthy dissertation about the merits Keynesian economics in a capitalist society, let alone form basic words — therefore, she must be doomed to failure forever, right?

With regards to roaming, the Rogers equivalent would be long distance, especially relevant since they have shrunk their local calling area (WIND’s local calling area is EVERYWHERE they have coverage!). Calling Toronto to Pickering, just a 20-min drive, will cost you your minute (which is normally $0.15-0.25) PLUS $0.35 long distance, so you’re already paying MORE than WIND’s roaming rate. And what if I was in sunny California? I’m still paying $0.25 a minute with WIND versus much, much more with Rogers. No matter how it’s spun, WIND’s roaming is still cheaper than Rogers’ long distance.


Amusingly, I see that Mary fails to mention even once her company’s customer care, possibly because it is severely lacking in the “care” section (reference: http://www.bbb.org/kitchener/business-reviews/cellular-telephone-equipment-and-supplies/rogers-wireless-in-toronto-on-17608). The main reason I eagerly switched from Rogers to WIND was due to the fact that I had repeatedly horrible experiences dealing with customer service reps, even in situations where Rogers was at fault. WIND has promoted and continues to adhere to the philosophy of meaningful “conversations” and “listening” to fans, critics, customers, and employees. Within four weeks, I have received four calls from WIND employees asking if I’m still happy with the service, and what feedback I could give them to assist them in continually improving. I’m thrilled. Though not without their faults (see: port blocking issue), WIND still impresses by responding quickly (see: unblocking ports within 24 hours!).

And you’re right, young, as the company expands it will lose its personal touch; but look at the other carriers, are they any better? At the very least, WIND has the attitude of constant improvement and self-betterment, rather than merely trying to sell you a phone and a plan.

All in all, and I apologizing for writing an essay, WIND is not for every Canadian consumer on the market; they just happen to offer plans with great value if you ARE the type of user who enjoys freedom from counting usage and concerns about overage fees, the freedom to use any compatible handset on any plan,and the freedom to have a real chat with customer service reps as friend and not foe. Whether you sign with them or not, it is imperative to have patience and give them the same opportunity afforded to Rogers, Bell, and Telus to expand and stabilize before writing them off as nothing but a brief gust of hope.

One last thing: don’t forget that WIND refuses to employ contracts, meaning that subscribers can jump ship ANY TIME (or the flip side: they can change their voice and data plans anytime). When Rogers locks you down to a three-year plan, they can (and do) change the terms as they wish due to unmentioned clauses in the contract, while you’re forced to accept them without any escape. We consumers should stop accepting the fact that one must threaten the retentions department to get a cheaper plan, and start to embrace carriers such as WIND for offering the exact same value-packed plans to everyone.

I’m not here to pick a fight, rather I believe that readers are entitled to both sides of a story. I would be honoured to hear a response from Mary, and any critics of WIND.

And young, stick to your current contract on month-to-month for a little longer, or switch to WIND then switch back at anytime. Another three-year contract is a long, long time.



Roger says:

ACD, I was a Rogers Wireless customer for 7 years and the day I finally ditched them for WIND was a memorable one. I did so despite their attempt to coerce me into continuing this abusive relationship by offering me a really sweet deal. I managed to stay strong. My experiences with Rogers’ customer service reps were also nothing but horrible. For a send off, they made me call them four times over the period of three months so I could get a refund on the $12 overpayment left in my account. First, it was too early as I could not request a refund before the next billing cycle date. Then, it was too early from the closing date of the account as apparently 60 days must lapse before a refund can be processed. To be clear, I was told that I cannot just request the refund and leave it with them to be triggered when the “60 days” date comes up. I needed to call only after that magic date. I can’t remember what was the last reason, but does it really matter? Never again. Have been with WIND for a couple of years now and couldn’t be happier. As of now, I have two phones and a wireless device on my account. Apart from a minor warranty repair hiccup on one of the phones where the guys in Kitchener were rather anal, it’s been a perfect marriage.

@RogersMary says:

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my comment!

Yes, I was referring to roaming in relation to data. With Wind, data is limited to your footprint so you can expect data chargers to incur outside those zones. With Rogers, there is just one single nationwide data zone so you can use your data plan anywhere with no extra charges.

As for the contracts, they tend to be common in other markets as well, including the United States. It’s a way for customers to get the phone they want without having to make a big investment when they start their contract.

Take care and have a great weekend 🙂

young says:

Thanks for your clarification @RogersMary.

Jason says:

You are also not stating to the people, that unlike Wind, Rogers, Bell, and Telus were actually given their networks from the federal government, they all 3 still get subsidies to build out their network, so us Canadians have paid to build the network, pay for the service and pay for the upgrade of the network, twice. They all have members on the board of the CRTC. And all 3 have large stock piled unused frequencies, and then complain that there is not enough.

Wind’s issue is they aren’t getting the benefits and are having a hard enough time with getting the big 3 to follow the tower sharing laws, so are forced to build out in many areas their own towers, and an exponentially higher cost, that the big 3 did not have to pay for, but are billing us for.

@RogersMary says:

Hi, this is Mary and I work for Rogers. Your blog post raised some interesting points – you really did your research! There’s a few points that I thought are worth adding to this discussion, which may be of interest to you and your readers.

Regarding unlimited data plans – 95% of customers will end up paying for unlimited data they won’t use, rather than selecting a plan that makes more financial sense and fits their needs.

Plus, unlimited data isn

young says:

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your comment. Regarding the usage charges pertaining to unlimited data plans, you mean usage charges from roaming?
I guess the wireless provider one chooses depends on how frequently you would want a new phone. I think a two year contract can be reasonable, however, I feel that three years is tooo long (especially with all the new technology out). Who knows, maybe there will be a new iPhone 3Gsquared or a Blackberry storm 3 in the works! =)

I think if Wind had the at cost price of their phones, AND they had markedly decreased rates for their wireless services, then it would make some sense.

I believe that it is only in Canada that we have the ‘contracts’ and the subsidized prices for phones. I don’t believe our neighbours down south have this, or am i mistaken?

Also, unless you use your data to tether your laptop, lets say, I think if you have internet at home, most people don’t use that much data. Apparantly the blackberries compress data so you would only use about 100MB a month. iPhones on the other hand, average a monthly use of 400MB.

Jen says:

Rogers, bell, telus are all terrible. They’re all big, and expensive. Who out there signs up for one plan, to only have the ACTUAL monthly bill ALOT bigger than it is planned to be. Honestly, congrats to WIND and all the other companies coming out. We need MORE options, MORE competition because these cell phone prices are ridiculous, no matter which big company you go to – customers always end up with a shocking bill, despite the plan. It’s not just me, it’s me and a million others.

steve mcd says:

I had a rogers iphone 3gs new 3yr contract biggest mistake I ever made.
80-120$/ month on avg. I was hit with random roaming text messaging charges like wind sometimes does. I would have to call each time to get credited back. The numbers I was texting are all Canadian bell numbers in Burlington. When I went to cancel it cost me more to cancel then it would to pay for the last 2 months of my service and the employee couldn’t answer why. I am now a wind customer on the 25$ plan. I do not see getting the unlimited data until my phone has service in basements and bigger building. For now I use WIFI 25mpbs connection and when the time comes I need data I will probably move to bell.
All our company phones are on bell and they have much better reception and faster speeds than rogers, telus. In the end I am pretty impressed with winds pricing and business plan on expanding their networks throughout the GTA. I will for sure pay 40-50$ for unlimited data when they are more like Bell and support LTE.