Sooo Wind Mobile has officially expanded to Vancouver, BC as promised this June. I was really and even did a pros and cons list on it

Sooo Wind Mobile has officially expanded to Vancouver, BC as promised this June.  I was really excited to hear about Wind Mobile when it first came out in December of ’09 and even did a pros and cons list on it (you know I love those pros and cons lists!).

Initially the coverage was Toronto & Ottawa, then Calgary & Edmonton, and now coverage is in Vancouver.

They have certainly been doing tons of marketing- I was watching Karate Kid the other day in the movie theatres and they had a huge ad on for Wind Mobile.  Ads have been on the free circulating daily newspapers too.  And on television.  They have really funny and creative ads, I’ll give them that.  The hot dog vendor one always cracks me up, no matter how many times I watch it.

Their push for marketing is that Wind Mobile is different from the big three aptly nicknamed ROBELLUS (*ahem* Telus, Bell, and Rogers), they listen, and that what you see is what you get.  Side note: Whoever came up with the term Robellus is a genius!!

However, I think there are still a lot of kinks to work out…and I know that they are making a concerted effort to fix them.  Despite this, I know there are a lot of happy customers out there.

  • Like the home zone and the away zones- you are going to get charged for roaming (but only for $0.25 a minute- which is a deal compared to what Robellus gauges you) if you venture out of your city of Vancouver area (like Surrey, which is around 20-25 km away from Vancouver).  That being said, it’s only $0.25 a minute to call our friendly neighbours down south, too!  (Wind Mobile teamed up with T-Mobile)
  • The reception I heard isn’t the greatest- apparently many Vancouverites are getting dropped calls

Here’s the “411” on the latest offerings:

  • There’s a promotion going on where if you get your friend hooked on Wind Mobile, you get one month free
  • If you’re an existing customer, until June 30,2010 you can get up to six months free if you refer up to six friends
  • If you sign up by June 30, 2010, you get get 50% off the plans for six months

For example, the Wind Chat voice plan is only $7.50 for the first 6 months- and you get:

  • 100 anytime minutes
  • Unlimted 24/7 Wind to Wind calling (guess it pays to get your friends onto Wind)
  • No activation fee
  • No system access fee
  • Free incoming text (they won’t bill you for it like Robellus does)
  • 50 free outgoing text
  • Free caller ID
  • Missed call alerts
  • Call forwarding
  • You pay $5 for voicemail

For the data plans, the unlimited data is $35 (and you can tether it to your lap top if you wish), and with the 50% off for the first six months, it works out to be $27.50.  If you go over 5GB per month, then they will slow your internet speed down, but won’t cap you off.

If you don’t need to use the unlimited data, they do have cheaper alternatives (like 500MB).

My Take?

I’m not a big fan of the $35 data plan, I would rather pay about $15 for 6G of data (my boyfriend has that through Fido- which was bought out by Rogers).  I do like how they don’t have activation fees and system access fees!  I like the 50% off for the first six months, but after that, the prices might be quite similar to any of the Robellus contracts (if you take the time to be loyal and negotiate, that is).  If you’re not into doing that, then Wind Mobile may be for you.

Still have questions about Wind Mobile?

Here are some FAQ’s that I found quite useful on their website

What do you guys think?  Any happy Wind Mobilers out there?  I think Wind Mobile is going to be ahead of the game come a few years down the road.  It might be prudent not to sign another contract with Robellus until you see how Wind Mobile pans out (though I may find that hard to do since I want the iPhone 4 so bad!!)

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Nice review. I’m on the market for a new cellphone in Vancouver. And I think your review is informative. How’s the coverage on their wind zone in Vancouver? Is it patchy?

young says:

@CheapAppetite- Yeah, I hear the reception/coverage right now is patchy in Vancouver. Are you already in a contract? I find that their prices aren’t really that competitive yet. Thanks for visiting!

Ad says:

How did your boyfriend get 15 $ for 6GB of data ?

young says:

@Ad- Thanks for the visit =) He got it from Fido, they had this promotion about a few years back when data was first introduced. No way can you get that deal anymore at this present time with any of the cell phone carriers. =(

It sounds like your goverment has a tighter control around business than the states… Interestingly, I don’t know much about the running of Canada, but since it’s a great neighboring country (and one I occassionally like to visit), I should 🙂

Thanks for the chuckle, it was a fun video! 🙂

Hey Y&T – I’ll be an interested spectator on this one; to see how many customers WIND gets; based on their moderately priced data plans or simply from the “curiosity” or PO factor (Pissed-Off factor) from the “big three” telcos.

Keep us posted how things go out West ok?

young says:

@Financial Cents- I agree- moderately priced. For people who are “loyal” like me (8+ years with Telus), it might not be the best deal were I to negotiate with Telus. But being off a contract probably feels like heaven =) Sure I will keep you updated!

That was a funny commercial! I’ve never seen it before!

In the states, I had dealing with Cell Phone plans! What kills me is texting! Why it’s do expensive down here, I have no idea!

young says:

@Money Reasons- I know eh? I can’t stop laughing whenever I see it. =) Really, I heard that cell phone plans are cheaper in the states than in Canada. You don’t have as much of an “oligopoly” there as here =)