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If this giveaway were an epic night out on the town, it’s at the hazy, blissful stage near the end of the evening and we’re “that guy” who feels this compulsive need to repeat, “We love you guys… but seriously, so much love,” over and over again.

But sincerely, once again – Thank You!

Without people reading this site and encouraging us to keep doing research, keeping us on our toes, and generally shouting encouragement, we simply would’ve burned out a long time ago.  This giveaway was our way of saying thanks for sticking with us.  Out of all the places to visit on the World Wide Web, you choose to come here in the hopes that what we put out doesn’t suck and will help you out.  Then you think of enough of us to recommend us to your friends!  That trust is humbling and we don’t take it lightly.

A big thanks also goes out to our partners/sponsors.  Canada’s financial community was very generous (over $3,000 worth of generosity) when it came to supporting Young and Thrifty – much to our readers’ delight!

Our MEGA New Site-Unveiling, eBook-Unleashing Giveaway was a great success.  We got a bunch of new folks to come check out what all the fuss was about in regards to our slick new design upgrade, and hundreds of people are now making use of our new FREE eBook on buying your first home in Canada.  That gives us the warm fuzzies.

For those of you that missed the giveaway but still want the free eBook you can do so by filling out the form below:

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Ok, you can quit scrolling down now past the sentimental stuff.  Here’s the fun part: Who Won!

Winners’ names are listed as they provided them.  Please check the email that you entered into our contest form as we need physical addresses to mail your prizes to!


1) From Robb Engen over at Boomer and Echo we have a shiny new financial planning session.  Robb will spend some time with you on the phone and analyze your current financial situation before developing some short- and long-term goals, and then putting it all together in a concrete financial plan. (Prize value: $500)

Winner: An Isa

2) The brilliant team led by Peter Hodson over at 5i research are giving away 5x annual subscriptions where you will find “Investment Research for Regular People”. (Prize value: $149.99 each)


Ruth McClung

Jaclyn Law


Alex Conde

Michael Naumko

3) The good folks over at Wealthsimple are going to hook you up with an account that already has a fat stack of $500 waiting in it for you to invest with their index-oriented investment plans.  Grow your nest egg without complexity with Wealthsimple.

Winner: Jackie DL

4) If you’ve always wanted a high-end vacuum but never wanted to splurge for one, we’ve got you covered.  Dyson and Wal-Mart decided that Young and Thrifty-ites might appreciate a Dyson DC33 Original (exclusive to Wal-Mart) and are letting us give one away in exchange for a full review of the product you can check out next week.  Seriously, on what other site are they giving away luxury vacuum cleaners?  Are we your friendly neighbourhood personal finance guys or what? (Prize value: $398.88)

Winner: Laurel

5) We want you to check out our new site and FREE eBook in style, so we’re giving away a Kindle Fire and a personal finance book of your choice!  (Prize value $150)

Winner: Lisa

6) Our buddies over at Borrowell are making it rain with a crisp $100 in cold, hard cash. Borrowell makes prime lending fast, fair and friendly.

Winner: DJ

7) Canadian MoneySaver – the Canadian personal finance magazine that has been bringing you the straight goods for 35 years – is throwing in 5x yearly digital subscriptions.  BTW – guess who just became a contributing editor over there 😉  (Prize value $19.99 each)


Joyce James

Jianghua Wu

Lauren Mosher


David Prang

8) Enjoy a nice night out at Earl’s Kitchen and Bar courtesy of the dynamic young design team that created our new website over at Top Shelf Web Solutions.  Let us know if you want them to give your business a new digital storefront. (Prize value: $100)

Winner: Emma Swabey

9) I’m quickly turning into one of those annoying “newly-converted” types that won’t shut up about the light they’ve just found.  In my case, that “light” is the newfound experience of using my grandpa’s shaving kit.  Well, not exactly the literal one my grandfather owned, but a safety blade razor just like the one he used.  Keep your eyes open for a tell-all post in the upcoming weeks about how my eyes have been opened by the beauty of badger bristles and blades that shave like a BOSS.  I want to share my new passion and help someone else step out of the darkness of expensive 17-bladed cartridge razors.  One lucky reader will walk away with everything they need to transform their shaving experience and save money every morning going forward.  (Prize value: $100)

Winner: Mark Denunzio

10) Five copies of the only Canadian personal finance book with a beer on the cover: More Money for Beer and Textbooks – A Financial Guide for Today’s Canadian Student by your two favorite personal finance authors


Michael Baker


Bill Ye

Allie Hicks

Heather Mitchell Powers

11) One copy of The RESP Book by Mike Holman

Winner: Daniel Trezub

12) One signed copy and two digital copies of The Value of Simple by John Robertson


Tim Huebsch


Andrei Lagounov

13) Two signed copies of Wealthing Like Rabbits by Robert Brown




14) Two copies of Stop Over-thinking Your Money!: The Five Simple Rules of Financial Success by Preet Banerjee


Jen Collins

Jason St-Hilaire

15) One copy of Fight Back: 81 Ways to Help You Save Money and Protect Yourself From Corporate Trickery by Ellen Roseman

Winner: Janelle Marshall

Winners have been notified by email and prizes will be going out as soon as we receive physical address information.

Thanks once again for sharing our new eBook and refreshed website with your friends.  Have a great holiday season and congratulations to the winners!

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