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End-of-year lists have quickly become as synonymous with the Holiday Season as egg nog and awkward family dinners.  We thought we’d get in on the party with our Top 12 posts from the last 365 days and let everyone catch up on what they might have missed during the daily grind we all endured in 2016.

Not content to serve readers through insightful articles, an entertaining Twitter feed, and a slightly-above-average Facebook presence, we decided to launch a full-fledged Pinterest campaign.  Join us as we continue in our quest to help Canadians learn how to Earn. Save. Live.

1) With the size of mortgages skyrocketing, knocking a precious percentage point off of your interest rate is more important than ever.  Find out who can get you the best deal in the battle of Mortgage Broker vs Big Bank.Young and Thrifty’s Top 12 Posts of 2016

2) So, you’ve committed becoming a low-cost DIY index investor after reading our free eBook – but how do you use a TFSA, RRSP, and non-registered accounts to keep as much of your investment gains out of the tax man’s hands as possible?  Take a look at our handy 5-step guide to maximizing index ETF returns (aka – most useful infographic in personal finance today).

3) Are you sure that you’re getting good value for the massive amount of money that you’re paying your real estate agent?  Do you even know how what sort of commissions you’re paying?  Find out exactly by reading our Decoding of Real Estate Commissions.

4) Readers of our free eBook were interested in reading an updated list of my favourite ETFs for Canadians.

5) With Amazon Canada finally upping their game, we ponder if Amazon Prime Canada is worth it.

6) One of our most widely-read pieces this year was The Ultimate Guide to Canada’s Robo Advisors.  Robos are quickly becoming one of Canada’s hottest financial trends.  Find out why and if they’re right for you!

7) Give us 5 minutes, and we’ll cut a substantial slice from your phone bill with our Step-by-Step Guide on How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Contract.

8) Who needs stuffy old brick-and-mortar banks?  When you can deposit cheques via cell phone and take advantage of souped-up high-interest savings accounts it’s really time to check out what Canada’s best online banks have to offer (*hint: it’s a lot*).

9) We definitively answer the ultimate Canadian personal finance question when we examine who wins the TFSA vs RRSP battle for your precious savings and investment dollars.

10) Readers laughed along with us when we poked fun at ScotiaBank’s ridiculous “You’re Richer than You Think” ad campaign in an article called: So I Moved Some Things Around and Found You $1,500 a Year – WTF ScotiaBank.

11) I invited Boomer and Echo’s Robb Engen to a good old fashioned Donnybrook over the new CPP changes.  I was a serious underdog going up against the veteran presence of Mr. Engen, but I think I held my own.

12) There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but there are free magazines.  Find out how I get some US-based magazines like Forbes for free, and others such as The Atlantic for pennies per issue.

Thanks for helping us make 2016 a year to remember as Young and Thrifty set all-time highs in readers and subscribers!  If you want our articles mailed directly to your mailbox, as well as completely free eBooks such as: Getting Your Foot In the Door – A Completely Free Guide to Buying Your First Home in Canada, simply subscribe here.

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