Since last month, investments that I have purchased have been doing pretty good already (everything in the green, woot!).  CPD which was not doing very well also picked up and I am in the green again.

I am already in vacation withdrawal and it seems so far away.  I had all these plans of cooking and recreating the foods I made while in Thailand and so far I have made none of them.  Guess that’s always the case, eh?

Recently read an article in the Province (which has spawned a heated reddit thread) about a couple in Vancouver who live “young and cheaply in Vancouver” and spend under $250 on groceries per month and they don’t eat out (apparently they are vegan), who earn $54000 annually in after tax dollars combined, and they travel internationally twice a year at $7500 per person AND are set to retire in their mid-30’s!  Passive income all the way, eh? I wonder how large their investment portfolio is 🙂  Talk about putting your money where your values are 🙂

My friends and I were talking about how much we spend eating out, and $200 seems like quite a large amount to be eating out… but I just found out my number is even higher.

I am pretty proud that this month my spending hasn’t been too ridiculous.  I spent just under $200 in March for groceries, but I did eat out a few times.  The amount didn’t seem very much but I just added it up and it was $325!  Jeebus that is quite excessive! I did take my parents and sisters out for dinner though and treated my boyfriend a few times (we alternate).I think I live a pretty balanced lifestyle, I don’t restrict myself eating out but I don’t get at $50 per person places regularly.What’s your going out for meals number?

Okay, so here’s the breakdown for April 2014 ($332, 100):

In This Article:


CASH: $57110 (+2.7%)

Net Worth Update

  • I added up my chequing and savings accounts (High Interest Savings Account). I automatically deduct money from my chequing account and have it siphoned to the HISA account (paying yourself first)
  • I have $4800 saved up for my big trip that I hope to do this year.

Non-Registered: $98790 (+0.6%)

  • I moved $5500 from my nonregistered cash to the TFSA
  • These are stocks that capture the “moment in time”, including unrealized gains or losses in my BMO Investorline and Questrade accounts.

RRSP: $44, 220 (0%)

TFSA: $44 900 (+0.5%)

HOME: $272,000

  • My plan is to live in this for 1-2 years and then rent it out once I find my prince charming (haha…right?)


  • I am not counting this in my net worth, because it’s 14 years old.
  • I have started a separate ING bank account for a future car


Credit Cards: $720

  • I applied for the CIBC Infinite Visa Aeroplan card and in the goal of travel hacking my way to trips and have been using it for a few months.
  • The problem with not having is that I can’t see my credit card spending as easily so I ended up resorting back to the account but I only added my credit card (this is helping a bunch so that I can keep track of my spending)
  • I’ve redeemed $250 already this year with my MBNA Rewards World Elite® Mastercard®
  • I’ve used my new Amex Aeroplan card twice so far.
  • I pay off my full amount every month (and folks, it’s VERY important you do so otherwise you’re losing out on a 19% return!) but include it in my net worth update so I have an accurate picture of my actual net worth. I sort of think “If I were to sell everything right now, what would my net worth be?” I guess I shouldn’t put it in the liabilities column since i pay it off regularly, BUT in it’s under the liability column so I’ll do the same.

Mortgage: $184180 (-0.3%)

  • My intent is to rent it out in a little while (see above). In order to offset future rental income, I chose to acquire a mortgage instead of paying for the majority of the condo.

Article comments

tom liu says:

I may have missed something – so how did you have $150K less in Nov 2013 – like, how did your net worth hump so much in a little over a year

Young says:

@TL- In 2012 November I had joint ownership of a house, it was sold in 2013 hence the increase in net worth.

Derrel Plackner says:

Teacherman mentioned on the ‘I hate Investors Group’ thread that he has posted comments/information about Corporate Class funds. Where may I find this info.?
Thank you,

bilal says:

why do you not include your pension of ~$32000?

i’ve started tracking networth as well, and am wondering if this should be included or not.

Young says:

@bilal- Oh, just for the simple reason that when I started, I didn’t include it. I do try and keep track of it for my own progress though. I would recommend including it for yours 🙂