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I haven’t had a chance to update my dividend income portfolio and finally got a chance to!  So after 3 long agonizing months that you have been waiting for an update, here it is!  I’d like to thank you for your patience 😉

I have made a few changes or additions to my portfolio since the last update.  Last update, I was talking about getting a REIT and also adding to utilities.

Well, I certainly did those (because you all know I am impulsive and always do as I say for the most part) but they are not fairing that well, however, it might have been bad timing as I did buy them right in the beginning of May I think.

Dividend Portfolio Changes and Updates

I bought REI.UN (Riocan) and am down about $4 per share, which equates to about $200.

I also bought Transalta (TA.TO) and am down $24 (haha not too bad).  However, both of these are quite generous with their payouts.  That being said, high yields can be dangerous.  I may need to reevaluate these investments once I have more time to look at them.

Husky (HSE.TO) has been doing well and the DRIP has also been doing well as I now own 105 shares.  This started from only 100 shares and the DRIP is so effortless it’s quite amazing.

With the DRIP of SunLife, I am now at 103 shares and it has made a decent recovery from the dismal price it was a few years ago.

Other Portfolio Updates

Although this is not a dividend producing stock, I did sell Best Buy (BBY) portfolio today.  It came back up from a -$400+ loss to a mere $90 gain.  I don’t see this doing that well for very long so I’m going to get out while the going is somewhat good.  People are increasingly buying their electronics online and the cost of operating Best Buy (all that land they have to rent, all those employees they have to pay) just doesn’t seem like a feasible long term idea.  I had bought Best Buy as a stock tip from a friend (haha you would think that I would learn by now) and am glad to get rid of this stock.

Investing Goals/ Plans/ Thoughts

Fortis (FTS.TO) has dropped a bit so I might be interested in picking up more of this one.  You can’t go wrong with Fortis!

I am happy that I am about $40 away from $2000 per annum in dividend pay outs!  Passive income all the way, baby!   I know that this is very far from the $20,000 in passive income that many others get but hey, we all have to start somewhere, don’t we?

I have about $3000 USD that is just sitting there in one of my accounts.  I need to look into good US stocks.  Thinking about Chevron or Cisco.  Or maybe even another ETF or to add to my USD ETFs.

I am also thinking about a simple ETF portfolio for the big wad of cash I have sitting in my high interest savings account.  Still need to plan this out in order to minimize risk.  I planned to increase the contributions for my RRSP TD e-series index mutual fund for the remainder of the year.

I really need to clean up my non-registered portfolio.  I have a potash stock that isn’t doing well, I have Suncor that I need to get rid of (bought at the peak), and I have a penny stock that is probably on the verge of extinction haha.

Hopefully by the end of the year I can make these changes, especially cleaning up my non-registered portfolio and organizing repayment of the Home Buyers Plan, the RRSP, and also putting in $100K into an ETF or index investment portfolio with little risk of sorts.

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