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As I mentioned in my year end dividend update in December, I have OCD tendencies and like to see even numbers.

As I mentioned in my year end dividend update in December, I have OCD tendencies and like to see even numbers.  I have about $9000 of contribution room for my TFSA for 2013 (I sold some income trusts back in 2009 I believe for a good profit, hence the extra space in my TFSA).

Since XDV, CPD, and CYH have essentially not changed very much since I bought them (ahem, Teacher Man loves his ETFs nonetheless), I am going to purchase more since everything else is kind of expensive right now.  To even out to 100 for these, I will need about $2800 allocated of my $9400.

As for what to do with the remaining $6600, I’m not really sure.  I might buy more BMO because they are doing really well and their P/E continues to be quite healthy.  Dividend lovers, any favourites?

I had a chance to update my spreadsheet and went through each stock to check for updates.  About 25% of them had increases in their dividends, so it was literally like finding $5 in your pocket (haha because that’s how much the difference was probably).


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Joe says:

I own BMO. But I wouldn’t load up on anymore at the moment. While their exposure to the Canadian housing bubble is limited because of CMHC insurance, that doesn’t protect them from lower profits resulting from tighter government restrictions, slowing business, and compressed interest rate spreads.

Young says:

@Joe- Thanks Joe. Yeah I agree, I should steer away from financials since I”m so heavily weighted on them.

Tidy lil’ portfolio! 😉

Young says:

@MOA- thanks! My OCD is happy.

I am very far behind your savings and I am much older. I only started buying dividend stocks in 2012 and I have received $15 so far. All of my stocks (all $3,000 worth) are held in a TFSA.

It’s a start.

Young says:

@Jane- Everyones got to start somewhere 🙂 TFSA is a great idea (in my opinion) though some people prefer holding dividend stocks outside of a TFSA