I haven’t done anything new since last month.  HSE and Sunlife are DRIPping nicely, now I have 104 shares of HSE and 102 shares of Sunlife (and it has bounced back to my original buy price).  Since April, I have increased my dividend income by about $100.

I would like to increase my exposure in my portfolio to utilities. I currently only have Fortis (tried, true, and trusted) and Just Energy (not so trusted, one of the dogs in my portfolio) and both of these comprise almost 12% of my TFSA portfolio. (I haven’t done this yet, still on my to do list)

I may also consider adding a REIT as well. Which REIT is your favourite? I am wary that they seem a bit overpriced at the present moment. (still on my to do list as well!)

I know that Suncor increased its dividend but I haven’t changed my spreadsheet yet- I need to do do this.

Hopefully during my school break I will get a chance to look more closely at what equities or ETFs to purchase <— obviously did not happen as I was too busy eating tapas and olives on my school break.  Now back to work!



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Well done! JE is a dog but as long as it pays dividends, might as well keep it. Otherwise, you’re probably selling at a loss.

Get some pipelines in there: ENB, TRP, IPL.UN 🙂


Young says:

@MOA- Oh yeah, totally would sell it as a loss. I think I’m down 30-40% on that one.

David says:

You should consider getting one of the REIT ETFs commission free through Questrade. I prefer ZRE over XRE because it’s more equally weighted. They’re a bit overpriced after they’ve had a great couple of years but there was a decent buying opportunity through the fall. I’d watch for another pullback before picking them up but they’re definitely a good long-term buy.

Young says:

@David- I am definitely thinking of a REIT, but I don’t think I chose ZRE or XRE. Have to look at my files again lol.

Brian says:

Nice portfolio. I’m currently trying to increase my holdings in Shaw, which pays dividends monthly, so it’s taking awhile to get it up to the point where I can DRIP. Then I’ll focus on HSE. I don’t plan on getting into REIT’s due to the fact we own a rental property, so I think I’ve got all the exposure we need there!