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I am surprised how quickly the DRIP is adding the number of shares to HSE.TO and SLF.TO.  HSE.TO is doing quite well.  SLF.TO also produced a good report recently so I am glad to hear its picking up.  Here’s some more info on DRIPping dividends if you’re interested.  I don’t think I would DRIP my entire portfolio just because I am a bit of a control freak and that is probably the sole reason (perhaps some deluded thoughts in thinking I could time the market and buy value priced dividend stocks).

The thing I love about dividend investing is that it is truly passive income. I know that the debate is hot out there on which one is preferable, online income (e.g. blogging to make money) or passive income. Both are rewarding, but seeing things slowly accumulate (e.g. dripping shares) is somehow very satisfying for me.

This month’s update definitely isn’t as exciting as last month, but I took advantage of the dip post election result (I guess Mr. Market didn’t like Obama winning) and bought 14 more shares of BMO.TO.  3 more shares until it can be 100 shares and my OCD tendencies will be satisfied.


My ETFs aren’t doing as well compared to my other dividend producing stocks in terms of gains, but I guess that means its a good buying opportunity. Maybe I will focus on adding to these after I finish buying 3 more shares of BMO.TO to get my even number 😉

Readers, how are your dividends going?  It would be awesome to one day have this at 20x the amount.  With time hopefully that will one day happen.

Article comments

young says:

@Miiockm- Good question. I get about a 5% annual return on dividend. So 1500/0.05 is.. you do the math! 🙂

Miiockm says:

Just wondering roughly how much stock you are holding in order to earn this $1,500 in dividends.