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I am going to update my net worth every month for your entertainment and your enjoyment.

Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, the one I had is to update my net worth monthly to keep track of where my money’s going.

Net Worth: January (woohoo! Up 5.8%!)

$84030 (+5.8%)

I’d say that’s pretty good considering all the spending I’ve been doing during the holidays.

Okay, here’s the breakdown:


CASH:  $26808 (+1.09%)

  • I added up my chequing and savings account (the Manulife High Interest Savings Account)
  • I haven’t included the big chunk of money that’s going to disappear from the Boxing Day purchase of my Mac Book Pro  but it is included in my total net worth (it’s in the credit card section)

STOCKS: $24194 (+11.0%)

  • These are stocks that captures the  “moment in time”, including unrealized gains or losses in my BMO Investorline and Questrade accounts.  I added up USD and CAD stocks as “Canadian” money to be simplistic
  • No, don’t worry I didn’t win the lottery or anything like that (I wish!)  but I sold off the shares that I owned of VISA, so they’re it’s sitting there waiting for some action
  • In December, I had been much more active in buying and selling stocks
  • I hope to continue my goal of being more active in the market for the rest of 2010

RRSP: $20279 (+1.3%)

  • This includes some emerging market mutual funds (BRIC), the monthly deduction into my TD E-Series account (primarily bonds), a GIC in my ING Direct Account, and some ETF stocks I have in my BMO Investorline account.
  • I hope to max out the $25,000 and withdraw for my first home purchase (hopefully soon) with this amount saved.


I am a public sector employee (hurrah for good-lookin’ pensions!) but am not including it in this net worth update because I want to keep it simple, and to be honest, I’m too lazy to calculate how much I have in it.

OTHER: $11565 (+1.5%)

(initial investment was$18,100, but it is positive relative to last month)

I have some investments that were poor choices (I signed up for them before I became “edumacated”) that are losing money big time.  Some flow through shares, Venture investments that gave out a tax credit, and some more mutual funds.


$5000 Principal protected through an HSBC investment


I’m not going to bother counting the car.  It’s 10 years old and I’m planning to drive it to the ground.



See what I meant when I said my credit card spending has it’s ups and downs?  The big purchases for me in December was the Mac Book Pro that I  bought on Boxing Day and Christmas presents.  I pay off my full amount every month.  I basically charge everything to my card to reap the benefits (free flights and hotel stays!).

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Article comments


What credit card do you use for rewards? I’m not searching for any new cards right now, but eventually my goal is to have one I use for travel rewards.

Did you research the best one to use? I’m also Canadian so it helps that you are too! 🙂

And awesome net worth!

young says:

Hi CanadianDebtGirl! Thanks for stopping by.
I plan to add you onto my blog love page (in the midst of working on it) =) (Canadian GiRL PF blogger power represent hahaha).
Anyway, I use the Starwood Preferred Guest MBNA mastercard. Awe man it was the best card ever… I got to stay in Hawaii for $50 a night at the Sheraton Princess, I moved over 20,000 points to Asia miles for my trip from Australia to taiwan (20,000 points can get you a domestic fight in North America, I believe). Unfortunately, MBNA is cancelling it’s contract with Starwood (hotel chain of Westin, Sheraton etc.), the card will be no more as of February 28,2010. The Starwood program is moving onto to Amex though, because it is already affiliated with Amex in the states.

I haven’t decided what to do yet, because I LOVE travel cards. Cashback cards just don’t have the same flair. I might get a new card with Amex and then keep my grocery purchases to the MBNA Smartcash rewards card (you get 6% cashback i think on groceries, gas, etc.).

I’ll keep you posted on which card I decide to sign on with =)