I should probably save this post for next month, but I thought I might as well get a head start on articulating my new years resolutions for 2013… just to get it out there to the universe.  Power of positive attraction, right?

This year has been an eventful year, to say the least.

Next year will be bigger and better…right?

About.com has a great list of Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions that gave me some inspiration for my own list.

Here are my New Years Resolutions for 2013:

Max Out TFSA

My goal is to contribute $5500 for 2013, and maybe even more if possible.. since my contribution room is actually $9400 for next year (sold some shares for a gain back in 2010 I believe… despite maxing out at $5000 each year).  We will see how that goes!  Darn Harper government, making all of our financial goals slightly more difficult to achieve! To contribute $5500 annually, that’s about $450 saved on a monthly basis.  Throwing in the tax return money into the TFSA is a helpful way help chip away at achieving this amount.

RRSP and Home Buyers Plan

I’ll need to continue chipping away at the RRSP home buyers plan since next year will probably be the last year of lower income.  I should be able to know exactly where I stand after I do my taxes in April after allocating X amount to the home buyers plan and X amount to RRSP deduction.

 champagneSpend (More) Time with Friends and Family

One thing I realized this year was that I wasn’t spending enough time with my family and friends.  Working part time while going to school full time doesn’t exactly help this, but really, there’s no excuse in neglecting the very same people who you can count on, who are there for you when times are tough, and who love you unconditionally.  Sometimes you take for granted the people who truly care about you and want to see the best for you.  This taking loved ones for granted business has left me nothing but to feel guilty whenever I saw a family member or friend infrequently or forget to contact them just to say hi.

I hope at least spend one day a week with either a friend or family member, even when the onslaught of midterms and papers are at their culminating peak.  This wasn’t actually ever on my New Years resolution list and I am very happy that it has made it this year.

Exercise at least 30 minutes Three Times a Week

I used to think that exercise was for those who weren’t too busy with their lives.  Boy was I wrong.  Incorporating exercise into my daily routine has changed my perspective on life, what it means to be emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy.  I didn’t realize that I had no way of releasing my stress in a constructive manner.

In order to achieve goals, they say that goals  have to be RUMBA

  • Realistic
  • Understandable
  • Measurable
  • Bounded by Time
  • Achievable

This goal of exercising for a set amount of time is very specific.  I started jogging about a month or two ago and also joined a yoga studio for a 10 class pass.  It has been monumental in helping me deal with stress and not to mention also helping to tame my muffin top too (which is now minimal, by the way, woot!)!  I must admit, it’s nice to be able to feel better about yourself again.  I hope to be able to continue this into 2013.  I think that this is a good goal to have, especially since I will be turning the big 3-0 next year.  Better start to develop healthy physical activity habits now, before it’s too late.

Be Happy

I have always considered myself to be in control of my own happiness.  Things happen to us in life that can be very unpredictable and off the beaten track of what you thought your life would turn out to be.  We cannot control others actions or thoughts, the only thing we can control is our own actions and thoughts.  The only thing we can control is our perception of what is happening to us.  Therefore, this year, one of my new years resolutions is to “not sweat the small stuff”.  I’ve been pretty good at not letting other drivers (namely bad drivers) bother me.  The more you react with negative thoughts, the more upset you get.   I try to look at their perspective- perhaps they are really busy and are stressed, and that’s why they are in a rush.

This year’s list is much simpler compared to last.  Keep it simple, right?

Readers, what is on your New Years Resolutions list?

Article comments

Joe says:

You bet 2013 will be better. I highly recommend that you wait out the housing bubble’s pop before purchasing a home; Vancouver is already down and it’s looking like a brutal spring. Don’t get caught holding the bag! Wishing you patience and increased wealth in the New Year.

Young says:

@Joe- Merci beaucoup Joe! 🙂

Pretty great goals Young!

I wish you all the best in 2013. I look forward to your blog updates 🙂


Young says:

@MOA- Thanks Mark! 🙂

Felix Lee says:

Great resolutions. I need to exercise more as well. I spend many of my days in front of the computer without thinking much about getting fit. That has to change. I like what you said about being happy and being in control. Think happy thoughts!

Young says:

@Felix- Yay! 30 minutes a day is all it takes! 🙂

What I found on personal experience is that at certain level without regular exercises I could not go any further.

Particularly at work when it is very demanding I simply can not do more than 12 hrs a day without exercises.

And happiness. I do agree with you, that on the way to financial independence it is important to remember why you doing it. Otherwise one would be better off live like most of the people – spending money and enjoy oneself.

Shilpi Roy says:

I liked your resolutions especially the spending time with family and friends. This is also in my list and of course be happy and positive then everything will fall into its place automatically.

What’s up Young! When you gonna get a chance to come down to SF again for that exciting conference you were mentioning? 🙂

I’m going through my own goals for 2013 as well. Plan to keep it simple. And plan to have a lot of fun! 2012 was so much about creating the foundation for a new chapter. Time to let loose more.


Young says:

@FS- 🙂 Hehe.. no probably not. Instead of a trip to SF, I ended up buying an iPad! I’m sure you will be happy about that- I was supporting San Fran indirectly 😉