Yesss! I have finally received my iPhone 4 (just supported the Bay area, Financial Samurai!), and I was able to get it before the September 30 cut off for the free i Phone 4 case.  I wanted to hold out on my review until I had a week or two to give it a good go at it.  Because I haven’t ever had an iPhone before (I just had an iPod Touch which I felt was invaluable anyway), I am pretty happy to be hooked up 24-7 (now I can tweet more often!).

I did sign up for another three years (yes, ball and chain) with Telus.  I had about two months and a bit left on my contract.  After using my own blog post on How to Save Money on your Cell Phone Bill as a reference, and numerous calls to Telus (they were obviously getting very tired of me calling),

Here’s what my contract with Telus looks like:

iphone 4 Pictures, Images and Photos

Hope this helps you as fodder for your negotiations with ROBELLUS (Rogers Bell and Telus oligopoly for short).

  • 250 day time minutes
  • Free evening and weekends beginning from 6pm
  • unlimited text messages incoming and outgoing
  • voice mail 3
  • 500MB data
  • caller ID (it was tough to get this for free but they finally caved)
  • “New Activation” pricing on iPhone 4

The above is a total of $50+taxes, which brings it to a grand total of $56 a month for me (thanks to HST, which adds another 12%!).

I believe I am getting about $15 worth of bonuses thrown in for free.  Normally they would not budget on free caller ID or unlimited text messaging, but persistence is a virtue, especially when it comes to negotiating with the Retentions Department.

At first I really wanted 1GB of data, but I realized that I don’t use it that much.  Besides, I use Wifi at home.  I’ve been using it for about a week or so already and have only used up 20 MB of data.  As long as I don’t do mad downloading or watch a gazillion You Tube videos, I think I should be fine.

I was pretty adamant about not paying more than $60 a month including taxes, so I am glad I was able to stick to this with the new contract.  Telus is getting harder and harder to negotiate with.  I had to give up a lot of my old loyalty goodies (like 150 minutes nation wide long distance and Telus to Telus) for this iPhone plan.

Anyway, without further dillydallying, here is my review:

iPhone 4 Pros:

  • I like smaller width (good things do come in..narrow..packages..?)- at first I thought it was awkward looking, but when you turn it sideways to type, it’s much faster and more ergonomic on the hands
  • Pretty fast (I hear its the same speed as the iPhone 3GS)
  • The GPS/Map application is great (if you hit the “compass” sign twice, it will really follow like a real GPS, and it changes directions as your car changes directions)
  • The camera and flash and HD video-  5 megapixel camera, you can zoom, focus.. takes pretty good pictures
  • You can add play lists manually in the iPhone (instead of going to iTunes on your computer to do it)
  • They give you a free case worth MRSP of $35 if you request for a free case before September 30! (You know I can’t resist FREE!)

iPhone 4 Cons:

  • They say the “antenna attenuation issue is even smaller than we originally thought” and only applies to certain iPhone 4’s
  • Unluckily, mine is one of them!
  • I have lost about 5 calls (one very important one in which I was talking to a bank and was put on hold while they checked something) which is very frustrating
  • Often there is only one bar of reception on my phone, if I hold it a certain way (how one would normally hold a phone)
  • The buttons on the side (to turn the volume up and down etc.) protrude so they seem like they can easily be damaged
  • The reception really is MUCH better with the case (now I average 3-4 bars instead of 1 bar of reception with the case)
  • It was so hard to find! Good thing Telus seems to have more supply than the other companies.  I ended up fluking out and found a iPhone 4 at one of the Telus dealers.

I wanted to leave you guys with a cute video that I found really funny… I swear, I must have sounded like this guy for the poor customer service reps who were dealing with me.  “I don’t care… I want an iPhone 4….”

Next week, I’ll share some of my favourite iPhone apps that I personally love and think is essential for personal finance.  Stay tuned!

Readers, are you as crazy about the iPhone 4 as I am?  Any die-hard Android or Blackberry fans?