youngandthrifty’s networth update: November 2012: 163,200 +0.7%

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$163,200 (+0.7%)

Found my pension contribution information and it's looking pretty good that I may break the $200K net worth by the end of the year.  I'm not going to include it in the posts until the January update- that may keep you in suspense!  Hopefully I'll break this number if I don't go crazy spending money on Christmas presents or impulsive traveling to soothe my frazzled grad school nerves in December.

Okay, so got the Costco membership but haven't found the time to shop at Costco.  The hoards of crowds in the weekend and the line ups deter me from going to Costco.  Another deterrent is that Costco closes early on the weekdays too.  My Costco shopping list includes buying more of those tamari almonds (yum), cheese (yum), and meat (bleh).  That will probably set me back $100 lol….joking…kinda.  I hate trips to Costco!

Okay, so here’s the breakdown for November 2012:


CASH: 16,606 (+0.3%)

  • More money Pictures, Images and Photos

  • Um.. okay kind of negligible growth this month again.  Bought a Dyson vacuum, bought some weatherstripping/framing for the doors and a programmable thermostat that I have yet to install (whoops!)
  • Boyfriend and I have a joint account which our mortgage is deducted from, and our own personal accounts.
  • I added up my chequing and savings accounts (High Interest Savings Account). I automatically deduct money from my chequing account and have it siphoned to the HISA account (paying yourself first)
  • I have $3800 saved up for my goal of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro (highest peak in Africa). I'm automatically deducting $100 a month from my bank account into this travel account.
  • My goal is to save $5000 in my emergency fund by the end of the year.  I have $3300 in here so far.

Non-Registered: $1900 (-23%)

  • I transferred some cash from a terrible investment that I sold into my RRSP
  • These are stocks that capture the “moment in time”, including unrealized gains or losses in my BMO Investorline and Questrade accounts.

RRSP: $20990 (+2.2%)

  • This includes the pre-authorized monthly contribution into my TD E-Series account, a GIC in my ING Direct Account and a Questrade RRSP account.
  • I am seriously thinking about maxing out my TFSA instead, if I am not able to max out on both (read my TFSA vs RRSP great debate over here) from now on, as I will expect to have defined benefit pension when I retire.
  • I'm not including my defined benefit pension
  • I owe about $16,000 to myself in my RRSP because I used the Home Buyers Plan for my down payment.  I think I'm going to allocate $7000 this year back to the Home Buyers Plan but will decide when I do my taxes.

TFSA: $25300 (+0.9%)

  • I think I'm going to buy more BMO shares.  My goal is to get to 100 shares (it's my OCD tendency as I don't like seeing uneven numbers)
  • I finally made my first dividend income spreadsheet! Something I've been meaning to do for… years but never got around to doing it.
  • One of my to do tasks is to track my dividend payments in an excel spreadsheet <—done!
  • Watch out for TFSA over contributions, guys, the CRA will get you for every last penny.
  • I signed up for a Tax Free Trading Account with Questrade in 2009 and haven't looked back!
  • I have maxed out my TFSA contributions for 2012


  • I am not counting this in my net worth, because it’s 12 years old.
  • I have started a separate ING bank account for a future car

PRINCIPLE RESIDENCE: $387,500 (0.0%)

  • I know this it does not make any sense to divide the principle residence and mortgage debt by 50%, but since I cannot disclose my boyfriend’s financial information, I will do it this way to simplify things. Some of you may not agree to that, and I understand.


Mortgage Debt: $288,100 (-0.33%)

  • Our basement suite is rented out so this takes the sting out of me going to school and dropping my income.

Credit Cards: $1100

  • With my MBNA World Points World mastercard, I already almost have another $400 worth in points since redeeming the points in February. Gotta love my credit card.
  • I've used my new Amex Aeroplan card twice so far.
  • I pay off my full amount every month (and folks, it’s VERY important you do so otherwise you’re losing out on a 19% return!) but include it in my net worth update so I have an accurate picture of my actual net worth. I sort of think “If I were to sell everything right now, what would my net worth be?” I guess I shouldn’t put it in the liabilities column since i pay it off regularly, BUT in it’s under the liability column so I’ll do the same.
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  1. Liquid on November 6, 2012 at 5:21 pm

    Brace your wallet, the holiday shopping season is coming. So easy to overspend, especially when some stores have already been playing Christmas songs lol, not without heavy backlash from their customers though. Nice going with your TFSA account. It looks like you’re about $5000 ahead of most people 😉

  2. Mrs. Pop @ Planting Our Pennies on November 6, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    Congrats on the increase! We had a pretty decent increase in ours in October, as well!

    As for including the credit card balances as a liability, we do – and the reason we do is that it’s basically cash that we’ve spent, but hasn’t been deducted from the cash account yet. Does that make sense? So it’s got to count against your checking balances (since that’s probably what you pay off your balance with every month).

  3. Leigh on November 6, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    Do you think you’ll reach your emergency fund goal? Do you think that $5k is sufficient?

    I love reading your net worth updates, Young! Keep it up 🙂

  4. Young on November 7, 2012 at 2:50 am

    @Leigh- I mayyy reach my emergency fund goal, but we’ll see! No, $5K is definitely not sufficient. Probably $10K would make it better but that’s a goal for next year lol! 🙂 Although I guess I’m not too strict with myself because I tend to justify dipping into my future car fund if I need something for an emergency, but I should probably not do that! Bad Pf-er!

  5. Young on November 7, 2012 at 2:51 am

    @POP- That’s a good way to do it 🙂 I think another reader had suggested I do that as well, but I like to keep track roughly of what my monthly spending is like 🙂

  6. Young on November 7, 2012 at 2:52 am

    @Liquid- Hah, yes I hear Shoppers Drug Mart stopped playing xmas songs? Yes, I have a bit more contribution room too. The extra amount is due to income trusts I sold in 2010 I believe (or was it 2009? I forget)- it’s nice that they give you back contribution room if you are profitable with your TFSA.

  7. My Own Advisor on November 7, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    Nicely done….keep on movin’ up 🙂

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