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Your Health is Your Asset. Take care of it.

By all means, I do not mean to sound preachy (okay I tend to sound preachy and bossy, I can’t help it though), but recently I came down with an illness that forced me to be off work for a few days.  I have never had to take more than one day off work and have probably taken off more days then I have done cumulatively in the past few years.  The fortunate thing about being an employee is that I have sick time which provides me income even when I am off work.  However, for those who work for themselves your health becomes even more important.  Without you, you are unable to produce income (unless of course you have people you hired who you can trust to run the ship while you lay in bed).

Why Your Health is Your Number One Asset

Some might say that it is amazing to be able to stay home from work and relax, or catch up on things that you have been meaning to do.  Sure, that’s fine when you’re not sick, but when you are actually sick, have low energy, have high fevers and chills, the last thing you want to do is to be productive.  It was frustrating for me because I don’t like being unproductive and yet that was all I could do for a few days.

Your health is your number one asset right now because it allows you to earn the money that allows you to achieve financial independence.  Without your health and your ability to work, you are not able to generate passive income because there is a stop to the income that is being invested.  It’s like a cause and effect sort of thing if you think about it.

Watch This Video.  It Really Just Takes 30 Minutes a Day.

So what can you do to focus on your health?

23 1/2 hours: What is the Single Best Thing We Can Do for Our Health?  I must say when I first watched it, it did not inspire me to become less sedentary (well, it did to an extent, but not the current level I am at) but it began the process of me becoming less sedentary.  I really wasn’t taking care of myself beforehand.  I didn’t have enough time to I guess, but that wasn’t an excuse, I obviously did not make time for it.  All it takes is 30 minutes a day (or lump them up to 1hr a few times a week, for example).

What You Can Do to Take Control of Your Health

Things that you can do to take control of your health might take a little time to get used to, but will pay you dividends in the future, I promise.

Eat healthy, get your vegetables, stop eating out or eating junk food (good for your budget too of course).  Get that exercise in, go for a run, go for a hike, do some yoga, do some cross fit, get involved, join a class.  Maybe that gym membership will do you good.  Once you get those endorphins kicking in you will feel good.  It’s kind of like saving your money or getting interested in personal finance.  All it takes is the first few steps and afterwards, the intrinsic reward system kicks in and you will be motivated to continue.

That’s why I think a lot of people interested in personal finance are also interested in their health.  Perhaps it gives us a sense of control or achievement to be able to set goals and achieve them.

Slow Down

Perhaps I had to stay home from work because I was getting too stressed.  This forced me to slow down and realize how frantic I was going.  Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise because it made me realize what I was doing to myself.  I know that a few days off work is nothing compared to some who have to take weeks or months off work, but it was still significant enough for me to give me some perspective.

So take a lesson from me, my friends, take a walk, take a breath, meditate, eat healthy, spend time with friends, live life.  Slow down.

Readers what do you think?  Maybe I am getting older and less “invincible” as I age.  How do you take care of your health?


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I believe the secret to a happy and healthy lifestyle is to work exercise into your daily routine. Instead of waiting until the end of the day to hit the gym, why not start the day right? I cycle to work everyday. Not only does it keep me fit, it saves me money and time. I don’t have to work out when I get home.