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People are usually surprised to hear that I snore like a freight train but I do.  It’s actually a pretty bad problem.  My ex used to kick me out of the room to the second bedroom because I snored so badly (which is why he is now an ex I suppose!).  When I go traveling with my friends they are irritated to sleep with me because that might mean that they won’t get any sleep.  The last thing I want to do is to be a burden in my sleep without knowing it (I’m a pretty heavy sleeper).  The reason I snore so much isn’t because I’m a boozer before bed, but because I have a small jaw/chin.

So in desperation to not scare my new relationship away with my freight train snoring, I sought to look at my snoring options and thought I would share with you my results and thought processes.  Snoring ruins relationships- you feel resentful and angry and the other person having a great night’s sleep when you aren’t getting any shut-eye.

Don’t worry, this is not a sponsored post- just me and my ZQuiet experience.

Alternative Options for Snoring Treatment

I did a bit of research into the options available.  I even consulted my dentist who offered to make a dental appliance for me (though I don’t know if it would have been covered by my extended health benefits).  The appliance wouldn’t be cheap, probably at least a few hundred dollars.

He also offered to laser off my uvula (you know the dangly thing at the back of your throat).  There are Ear Nose Throat surgeons who do this but of course it is private pay as it is not medically necessary.  I thought about it and would rather keep my uvula and save a few hundred dollars and not have to worry about the thought of the dangly uvula bit falling into my throat as it is being lasered off (sorry that might have been a bit graphic for some readers).

I also tried these homeopathic pills that I don’t think did very much that I bought from Well.ca.  They were around $8 though so it didn’t break the bank or anything.

What is ZQuiet?

ZQuiet is a snoring appliance that has a two step comfort system.  Basically it is a plastic mouth appliance (kind of looks like a mouth guard, hence why I tend to call it a snore guard) that you put in your mouth.  It creates a bit of an underbite so that your jaw protrudes and this provides more room so your uvula and the back of your throat doesn’t collapse as easily causing the loud snoring sound.

It is $69.90 and includes shipping.  A bit steep for a piece of plastic, but I was reassured by the reviews.  I couldn’t find many independent reviews that didn’t look sponsored, so thought it might be a good idea to create one.

ZQuiet Snoring Appliance Pros

  • Seems to work.  When I have it in my partner says there is a noticeable difference.  I still snore apparently but definitely not as loud and much more tolerable.
  • It shipped to my address relatively quickly
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is made in the United States (thankfully not China haha)

ZQuiet Snoring Appliance Cons

  • There were some warnings that it may cause tooth movement or dental soreness, soreness to the “TMJ” jaw joint (this got me a bit worried, I didn’t want my bite or teeth to move around and change
  • When I started wearing it, I suppose the plastic was a bit hard still so it caused the gumline on my front tooth to wear down.  It went back to normal, thankfully but it was a scare
  • Not for people under the age of 18
  • One of the warnings was that you might take out the appliance without knowing it- which happened very much initially and confused me because I would not remember waking up and removing the appliance from my mouth.
  • I still get a bit of a weird feeling in my jaw in the mornings, but it does go away after an hour or two.

Readers, have you ever tried ZQuiet?  What do you think?

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