Canadian MoneySaver – A New Look & Great Advice for Canadians of All Ages

When Canadian MoneySaver approached me about doing a review of their publication a couple of months ago I was a little bit skeptical.  After all, my memories of the magazine from that last time I picked it up a few years ago revolved around how outdated I thought it seemed.  The graphics and content seemed to be aiming at investors that were primarily in the 55+ crowd, and I wasn’t a big fan of the lack of DIY advice.

Upon finding out that new management had taken over the product however, I figured it was worth a shot.  I’m happy to say that this new version isn’t your grandpa’s CMS.

The magazine has a great new look, both online and at newsstands everywhere.  The website is easier to navigate and the print magazine looks professionally designed instead of the weird adaptation of Pink Floyd album art that CMS had been using for many years.

Canadian Money Saver1Over the last couple of months, Canadian MoneySaver has published a great variety of articles that included a ton of great stuff for DIY investors (my favorite kind!) from some of Canada’s best personal finance writers such as Dan Bortolotti (MoneySense, The Globe and Mail, and Canadian Couch Potato) and Evelyn Jacks (Business Woman of the Year, Jacks on Tax) amongst many others.  You’ll read about actionable stuff that you can put into use tomorrow.  Here’s a few of the my favorite topics that I read about:

  • Information on investment products from across the risk spectrum.  Everything from bonds and GICs to stocks and funds from around the world.
  • Legal advice that will save you lots of time and money before visiting a lawyer;
  • What you really need to know when it comes to various types of insurance.
  • How to buy, sell and manage real estate profitably;
  • How to cut your taxes to the bone (who wants to pay more than they have to?).
  • Where to save money on big ticket consumer purchases and services.
  • Broad talks about why financial literacy is so vitally important (a personal favorite of mine)
  • Real implementation steps for DIY investors (as opposed to the theory-heavy stuff you’ll find elsewhere)

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Amazon Student Prime – Is It Worth It?

Finally – a perk to forking over thousands of dollars a year in graduate student fees…

Free Amazon Prime for six months!

Click here to skip my review and sign up.

That is essentially what this latest offer that the folks Amazon have dubbed “Amazon Student” consists of.  Sure there are some other interesting little aspects that fall under the Amazon Student banner, but they are merely the frills.

Free 2-Day Shipping – Plus Some Other Stuff

The real deal here is that right now, if you have a working email address from one of Canada’s major universities or colleges you can get free 2-day shipping across Canada.  While they are still ironing out the kinks for certain student bodies, it appears that in some cases even alumni student addresses work (although you didn’t hear that from me).

amazon-studentIn addition to the free shipping, Amazon Student Prime also gives you access to specific student-friendly deals on textbooks, electronics , and dorm-room chic stuff.  For example, the current deals see discounts of 22% on middle-of-the-road Acer notebooks and tablets, and a massive discount on a small vacuum cleaner.  Nothing too earth-shaking, but certainly something to take a look at before heading down to Future Shop.Continue Reading

Who Is Thomas Picketty  & What You Can Do To Avoid Becoming a Bad Inequality Statistic – Part 2

*If you missed Part 1 of this Picketty Project check it out here.*

To the six of you that got through Monday’s post, congratulations!  Now for the stuff most of you actually want to learn about.  (Who cares about the 1% – what can I do to make sure I don’t end up as a used-to-be-middle-class person?!)

To put things bluntly, if you screwed up the birth lottery and don’t have rich parents, then screwed up the marriage lottery and didn’t marry rich, then you’re at a substantial disadvantage if you want to rapidly increase your net worth.  You can argue against this all you want, but the facts are pretty straightforward.

That being said, while the path to the upper part of the middle class might have gotten narrower and harder to navigate over the past few decades, there is still a trail to follow.

If You Can’t Beat ‘em Join ‘em

Who Is Thomas Picketty & What You Can Do To Avoid Becoming a Bad Inequality StatisticWe know the game is slanted.  We know that those who own stuff are going to see bigger cheques than those that work for cash going forward.  So the easiest way to get ahead is simply to align your interests with the rich and super rich.  The best way to do that is buying stocks – ASAP.  We’ll let you in on how we choose to get exposure to stocks here, but the key thing is to become an owner of businesses (that’s what a stock is for those of you that are a little new to this stuff) as soon as life lets you.  If that means cutting out a few luxuries or living in a slightly smaller house, you’ll make those sacrifices if you want to get cash flow from investments as opposed to only your job.Continue Reading

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