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2017 Personal Finance Goals

It's somewhat of a personal finance blogger to have personal finance goals for the new year.  After all, this blogs help keep us accountable, and I find it very helpful to motivate myself to achieve these goals.  There isn't much change from last year's personal...

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January 2017 Net Worth Update $452,500 (+13%)

2016 was a stellar year, I must say (well not for the rest of the world I suppose, but it was for my portfolio)! I increased my net worth by $68,330 from last year's update and reached my annual goal of increase my net worth to $420,000, that's a 17.8% increase from...

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2016 Personal Finance Goals Recap

And just like that, 2016 has come and gone and 2017 is here.  It is tradition to review last year's goals and create new goals for the new year.  In summary, I achieved most of my 2016 personal finance goals but definitely failed on one of the goals, which you will...

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