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The Best US Dollar Credit Cards in Canada

By Keph Senett | 9 Comments
Best US dollar credit cards

If you’re a Canadian who spends time in the United States, you already understand the hassle and cost of dealing with foreign currencies. Exchanging cash can be expensive—and carrying it insecure. Although Canadian credit cards are accepted in the United States, there’s almost always a pricey foreign currency conversion fee tacked onto your purchases. Routinely…

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WealthBar Robo Advisor Review

By Robb Engen | 10 Comments
WealthBar Robo Advisor Review

Vancouver-based WealthBar launched in 2014 by co-founders and husband and wife team Tea and Chris Nicola. Tea worked as a financial advisor, while Chris got started in the financial world working for his father's wealth management company, but also cut his teeth as a software and web developer. They both worked on and off for…

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Is Real Estate a Good Investment Strategy for Retirement?

By Sandra MacGregor | 0 Comments
buying a house in canada

You know that old saying that death and taxes are the only certainties in life? Well, it’s likely that many people would add “rising house prices” to their list of life’s sure things. It’s this overconfidence in the profitability of the housing market that has led some Canadians to forgo other solid retirement savings options…

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Rent vs. Buy Debate in the Current Canadian Housing Market

By Keph Senett | 0 Comments
rent or buy a home in canada

Once upon a time, buying a home in Canada was simply a milestone in the life of the average Canadian. But times have changed: prices have skyrocketed, and housing markets have exploded, particularly in Vancouver and Toronto, making homeownership difficult and calling the investment potential of real estate into question. Simultaneously, the surge of remote…

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How to Avoid Credit Card Fees in Canada

By Amanda Lee | 0 Comments
credit card fees

Maybe you think credit card fees are as inevitable as that old idiom about death and taxes. Used wisely, your credit card is a financial tool. Plus, there are some pretty sweet perks to having a piece of plastic in your back pocket – managing cash flow, travel rewards, comprehensive insurance, and consumer protection. After…

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