Low Maintenance & Stellar Results

Why ETFs?

If you have blindly been supporting the mutual fund industry or have been talked into the latest stock-picking fad, then you need to see the studies featured in our book.  There is a chance that you – or the fund manager that you hire – could beat the market… about a 1% chance!

With ETF investing you get a low maintenance, no stress way to achieve much higher results than the average investor.  I’ll mathematically show you why so many people don’t achieve the average amount of growth that the market offers, and why you are likely being taken advantage of by multiple parties in the financial industry.

If you have Warren Buffet-like powers, then get off of this site and start picking stocks!  If you’re merely an investing mortal like the rest of us – who just wants to grow their savings at a reasonable rate over the long-term – then give our book a shot.  It will save you hours of worry about which mutual fund is better, or what stock to pick, and allow you to see the truth behind the sales pitches that we hear everyday.

Aren’t Convinced? Check Out A Preview Chapter

Chapter 4 – Stock Picking Is For Suckers

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: How Can I Make You $248,484.92, While You Chill On Your Couch
  • Chapter 2: My Story
  • Chapter 3: What the Heck is an ETF?
  • Chapter 4Stock Picking Is For Suckers
  • Chapter 5: Why ETFs Kick Mutual Funds’ Butt!
  • Chapter 6: What ETFs Belong In My (or your) Portfolio
  • Chapter 7: Exotic ETFs
  • Chapter 8: Potential Drawbacks of ETF Investing and How To Minimize Them
  • Chapter 9: Getting Started With ETFs In 99 Minutes or Less

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